Banana Republic Smocked Skirt

The new Smocked Skirt from Banana Republic was slightly disappointing. I have the version from a couple seasons ago and it looks adorable and summery because it’s a full A-line skirt, which looks amazing with a tucked-in shirt or belted under a longer tank. I was hoping the ones from this season would be similar, only shorter and even cuter since they’re only 19 1/2 inches.

Black – It is really lacking the A-line shape. It kind of just drapes over your hips. It is also so wrinkly that the pleats have been overpowered by the wrinkles. Even after I ironed the skirt, it still looked a bit sloppy. Still, you can’t really tell with the black, and since it’s so comfortable due to the smocked waist, it’s a keeper. Plus I don’t have any casual black skirts. Love belting this – will really make the color of the belt pop.

Banana Republic Smocked Skirt - BlackBanana Republic Smocked Skirt - Black

I’m wearing: J.Crew Max and Molly TeeJ.Crew Equestrian belt, Gucci Grease Platform Sandals

Taupe Pearl – This one is not a keeper. All the flaws I’ve identified with the black version are impossible to hide with this color. I spent 10 minutes ironing this and it was still wrinkly. I don’t even want to sit down because I don’t want to get up with wrinkles up the wazoo. The shapelessness of the skirt also is impossible to hide here; that combined with the color makes the skirt look dreary. Could be considered okay I guess? But if I had $60 to spare, I’d put it towards all the J.Crew new arrivals I’ve been eyeing.

Banana Republic Smocked Skirt - Taupe PearlBanana Republic Smocked Skirt - Taupe Pearl

I’m wearing: J.Crew Slub Cotton Tee, Banana Republic Belt, Gucci Logo Wedges

Sizing wise, I got them in Small. I’m about a size 6 right now and since these are smocked, I figured Small was the way to go. I would probably not purchase these at full price, in black or taupe. Luckily, I scored these when there was a 25% promotion – which, along with Bing 25% cashback – made these quite appealing price-wise. Since Banana Republic is doing these promotions almost on a daily basis, I’d say wait until then and score this in the black. If you can’t wait, get this Smocked Skirt from Banana Republic now for $59.50 here.

Charles David Glint Sandal

Now that summer is upon us, I’m starting to harbor some real discontent towards my paltry “collection” of sandals. I have two pairs of Jeffrey Campbell Johnny Ex that are supremely comfortable and have lasted me every day last summer. But they’re really starting to look the part and frankly, I’m tired of wearing them every day. I’m looking to fill 3 empty spots in my daily shoe rotation – high wedge (filled by my recent BR Dahlia wedges), low-medium wedge for days with more walking (especially to wear with skirts), and super cute flat sandals. These Glint sandals from Charles David fill that last hole. They’re not plain flat sandals – the gorgeous jewels and unique pairing of turquoise and ruby make these a head turner. They’re simple yet elegant and will add a pop of color to every outfit. As bejeweled sandals are such a huge trend this summer, I’ve seen them everywhere, but honestly I don’t think any of them are as classy and gorgeous as these.

Charles David Glint Sandal

These are not the most comfortable sandals, but they’re comfortable enough. I say this because the single string holding your foot to the shoe is a bit meager; your foot tends to move around a lot, especially since the surface is so smooth. The sole also doesn’t move with your foot as you bend it while walking because there’s just not enough holding your foot to the shoe; you end up feeling like you’re flopping while you’re walking, with the sound to match. I got my usual size but it’s slightly longer than my foot. There have been times when I wasn’t careful and stepped out of the shoe. They’ve been comfortable while walking around my apartment so I’m hoping all these issues don’t manifest into something unbearable when I roll them out to the concrete sidewalks.

Charles David Glint SandalCharles David Glint Sandal

I’m wearing: Anthropologie Coil Flower Tank, Banana Republic Smocked Skirt (similar here), J.Crew Equestrian Belt

You can get these for a pretty good deal right now from Endless. As of this morning their Bing cashback rate is 20%, which takes these down from $144.95 to $115.96. Get them from Endless here. They seem pretty popular as a few sizes are already sold out, so hurry and snag a pair while you can!

Anthropologie Diamond Flame Skirt

Words cannot describe how woefully disappointed I was by the Diamond Flame Skirt that arrived today from Anthropologie. I’ve been drooling over this skirt since it first came out, obsessively stalking the product page every single day, debating whether I can really trump out $170 for a skirt I don’t really need. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the tank and the skirt modeled in the catalog. I just reviewed the tank yesterday (love it) but this skirt is probably my biggest clothing disappointment thus far this year. Why? Oh let me list the ways. Or maybe a picture speaks a thousand words.

Anthropologie Diamond Flame SkirtAnthropologie Diamond Flame Skirt

I’m wearing: Anthropologie Coil Flower TankNine West Entire Sandals

Ok – WTF is that? Seriously. Those ain’t my hips. Is this a pencil skirt or a tulip skirt or just a poorly designed blob of fabric? Ok let’s start from the beginning. I pulled this thing out of the tissue and immediately noticed the fabric is a thin, light cotton. No lining, even though the description says there is a silk lining. No real weight. The skirt was wrinkled and seems easy to wrinkle. I was like, “I paid $170 + $12 shipping for this thin, unsubstantial skirt?? It better be cute on.” Not a questionable hope, since the tank turned out to be cute enough to offset its average quality. Well, I pulled it on and man, I looked like I pulled on a giant lantern. The waistband fits me well right at my natural waist, but the rest just…float. The fabric is so light and unsubstantial there is nothing to pull it down so it drapes nicely over my hips. Instead, it kind of just puffs out from the fitted waistband. As soon as you move (see right picture above), you can tell how thin the material is. The whole thing just looks incredibly cheap and poor. And look at how flattering it is from the side!

Anthropologie Diamond Flame Skirt

So apparently it not only puffs to the side, it puffs in the front too. Not surprising. There’s no weight to hold it down. Here are some more pictures of the skirt itself.

Anthropologie Diamond Flame SkirtAnthropologie Diamond Flame Skirt

I don’t know what I was expecting, but for $170 I figured it had to be a thick, substantial fabric that drapes beautifully. Hence I was surprised to even see the tiny box it came in, and even more surprised when I saw it was practically a shirt disguised as a skirt. Even the zipper is cheap – it’s plastic and doesn’t smoothly zip up. It feels so flimsy I feel like any ungentle tug and it’d die.

Anthropologie Diamond Flame Skirt

For the sake of every girl out there who I know has been pining away for this skirt for weeks at least, I hope the poor fit is just on me. I’m sure it will work for someone, just not me. And just for sizing, I got a size 6, which fits my waist fine but not my 37″ hips. If you want to try this one for yourself, get it here for $168. Good luck.