Why isn’t the Mulberry Tessie Collection More Popular?

With Mulberry’s profits tanking in recent times, the powers that be over there have decided to revert back to releasing “affordably-priced” bags less in the top-end designer range of Chanel and Prada, and more along the lines of somewhere between that and the Coach and Michael Kors of the market. Their new Tessie collection was the first collection to launch with this new mantra, and surprisingly it hasn’t been a huge hit.

Mulberry Tessie Collection

The line includes a tote, a crossbody bag in two sizes, and a hobo, along with some accessories like a bracelet. They come in very Fall colors — the classic Black, the very Mulberry Oak, and Burgundy/Oxblood. All priced similarly under $1000. I have to say, I love this line — especially the crossbody satchel.

Mulberry Tessie

And it’s not even because of the price. I love it purely for its equestrian aesthetics, its simple, classic shape, that understated pop of gold with an even more subtle logo, and how it all comes together to look effortlessly chic when slung over your shoulder or across the body. It wouldn’t have surprised me if this bag was priced at $1,200 to $1,400. It looks expensive and very well-made, with the classic Mulberry oak color saturating that yummy, pebbly leather perfectly. The Oxblood is a close contender.

Mulberry Tessie Oxblood

It’s really just stunning, and especially given the relatively reasonable pricing, it’s moved up even more on my to-buy list. Check out how the Oak Tessie looks in real life, photo courtesy of fluffandfripperies.com.

Mulberry Tessie Oak Satchel

I mean, how can anyone not love that? Which leads me back to the original question…why isn’t this line more popular? Has Mulberry just lost its brand luster with people these days? Does a designer trying to be in between the high end and the Coach’s of today not appeal to people? Are people actually turned off by a bag that’s known to have been priced cheaper? That wouldn’t surprise me given the target audience here is still people who often buy luxury items at least partially for the cache. But then again, the LV Neverfull was meant to be an entry-level, budget-friendly Louis Vuitton and it’s been wildly popular and now a classic staple of LV. So I don’t know, what do you guys think?

Mulberry Tessie Tote Oak

Get the Mulberry Tessie crossbody satchel from Selfridge’s in Oak, Oxblood, or Black.

Get the Mulberry Tessie Tote from Selfridge’s in Oak or Black.

Modding the J.Crew Icon Trench in Wool-Cashmere

For those of you who were here back in 2010, you’ll remember I tried my hand modding my Banana Republic Classic Trench Coat (https://crewlade.com/2010/09/banana-republic-classic-trench-coat/). It was the classic black, but the buttons were black too, and made the coat feel rather dull.

Banana Republic Classic Trench Coat

I always had a thing for gold hardware against dark colors, and had been looking for black coats with gold buttons for a while when the idea of DIY popped into my head. So I bought a bunch of gold buttons online and for the first time ever, tried my hand at sewing on the new buttons. It was nerve-wrecking to cut off these perfectly sewn on Banana Republic buttons, especially knowing I could totally not be able to make the gold buttons work and then I would have messed up a beautiful classic trench.

Banana Republic Classic Trench Coat

Well, I’d say it made a big difference. It made the coat that much more visually interesting, and it was great knowing I had a somewhat one-of-a-kind coat. So this year, when I spotted that J.Crew now has the uber-awesome Icon Trench in Wool-Cashmere in Black, the same thought popped into my head.

J.Crew Icon Trench in Wool Cashmere Black

What a great classic coat — if you added gold or brass buttons, it would totally change the vibe. It may be much more military style, more chic? Since J.Crew has sold out of my size, I haven’t had a chance yet to try this out, but for those of you lucky enough to have snagged one, here’s what it could look like (pardon my crappy Photoshop skills).

J.Crew Icon Trench in Wool Cashmere Black

Totally different, right? I do like the original version for how sleek it looks, but with gold buttons it definitely gives it an extra oomph. If you’d like to try your hand at this, you can get the J.Crew Icon Trench Coat here from J.Crew.

J.Crew Sale Wishlist

With J.Crew’s 25% off full-price items & 30% off final sale items promo, I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger on a few items on my wishlist. Which have you tried on and which would you recommend as a worthwhile purchase?

J.Crew Icon Trench in Wool-Cashmere – Black

J.Crew Icon Trench in Wool-Cashmere Black

I actually own this trench in the camel color from a few seasons ago. It’s absolutely one of my favorite coats ever, and definitely my go-to coat for Fall (and as much Winter as I can possibly squeeze out before I freeze to death). I’ve gotten countless compliments on it, mostly around the fact that it imbues a lot of class and elegance. This is the first season it’s come in Black as far as I know, which is exciting since I remember back when I first purchased it, I had also wanted it in this oh-so-slimming color. Guess I wasn’t alone! It’s a little pricey, sure, but a great investment and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. If you like it too, you can get it here.

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Houndstooth

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Houndstooth

Like every other J.Crew fan, I also own the classic schoolboy blazer in the classic navy color. I haven’t really found any other blazer that’s as preppy chic and flattering as J.Crew’s schoolboy blazer. With Fall here, I can’t get enough of houndstooth, so this blazer is just the perfect combination. I also love, love the gold buttons and the orange collar. What great pops of color that take this classic up a notch. Question is, do we think this will make it to sale? Though 25% off at this point is already not a bad deal…if you love this too, you can get it here.

J.Crew Lambswool Shirttail Sweater

J.Crew Lambswool Shirttail Sweater

This sweater was made for people like me. I always thought layering a sweater on top of a crisp white button-down shirt was uber chic and made you look so polished, but I absolutely hated pulling a sweater over a shirt. The sleeves get all bunched up or twisted inside the sweater sleeves, you always have unevenness or possible bunching on the inside somewhere, and it’s just an overall mess. This shirttail sweater is made for the lazy-but-wannabe-chic people like me, where you get the undershirt look without any of the effort. From the reviews, it seems like a piece to be tried on in person to determine whether this is a good fit, so I’d recommend that. Check it out here.

J.Crew Zip-Pocket Mini in Tweed

J.Crew Zip-Pocket Mini Skirt in Tweed

This skirt’s tweed material seems really similar to the houndstooth in the schoolboy blazer above, so of course I love it. It’s quintessential Fall, and I love it paired with that shirttail sweater and riding boots. The only downside of these tweed/houndstooth skirts is that it’s kind of an one-season skirt, not exactly appropriate for spring/summer, but that is part of its appeal as the quintessential Fall material. Get yours here.

Have you tried on any of these? What are you getting during this promo?