Holy Cow, 30% off at JCrew and 25% off at Madewell

I literally couldn’t breathe this morning when I checked J.Crew and Madewell and saw both had awesome pre-Black Friday sales. 30% off is hard to come by for J.Crew and a % off offer for Madewell is also pretty rare. I honestly didn’t expect this type of % off your purchase sale until Black Friday, but hey I’m not complaining. Sizes were going really, really quickly though, so if you have anything on your wishlist, I suggest you get a move on! Here’s what I picked up from the sales:

J.Crew Pique Collar Shirt

Jcrew pique collar shirt

I realized just yesterday that I have too many impulse buys in my closet. You know the kind, super-cute-had-to-have but it doesn’t really go with anything and it ends up sitting in your closet, tags still on. I realized what I really need are more classic, versatile pieces like a crisp white button-down shirt. Only I can’t bring myself to spend $$ on a boring white shirt, so I’ve been looking for the perfect one. I already have the Perfect Shirt from J.Crew and I’m not a huge fan of the stretchy, shininess of it. The Boy shirt didn’t get great reviews. Then I saw this beauty — little cute details like a pique collar and silver buttons make this a standout, not to mention the glowing reviews about fit. Now only $59.99, with extra 30% off. Get it here.

J.Crew Selvedge Chambray Shirt

JCrew Selvedge Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirts are like the casual version of the white button-down. Versatile, matches a lot, classic, but so much more laid-back. It’s a no-brainer to add to your wardrobe if you don’t already have one, and out of all the colors and styles, this one is my favorite. Others seem to agree with me, as this got glowing reviews. PS have to admit originally wanted one as I’m obsessed with red/black plaid and it looks great with chambray, aka I knew I was going to get this excursion vest below and needed a chambray shirt to match. Hehe. Anyway, get this chambray shirt here on sale for $88, with extra 30% off now.

J.Crew Excursion Quilted Vest in Buffalo Check

jcrew excursion quilted vest in buffalo check

I love red/black buffalo plaid. And gold buttons. Anyone who has read my posts before most likely already know this about me. This vest combines both, so of course I was immediately drawn to it. This vest paired with chambray and a cute wool skirt plus boots = quintessential cozy chic for winter. My only hesitation? This is kind of a pop item, so it’s relatively hard to match my current wardrobe, since most of my tops are “pop” items that stand out and that I “had to have”…so this print may just clash with almost everything I own. However, I’m willing to stock up on some neutrals for this vest to work. Get it here for $138, now with extra 30% off.

J.Crew Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater

Jcrew merino wool vneck sweater

This sweater is a favorite of probably every J.Crew fan, who all own this sweater in multiple colors. It’s a no-brainer to stock up on whenever there’s a mega sale. It’s my go-to whenever I’m too lazy or tired to coordinate an outfit; just pick a color of this sweater, throw it on with a pair of jeans, and voila you’ll probably look appropriate for just about any occasion you’ll run into that day. The fit is comfortable, flattering, and it’s relatively warm. Not much more you can ask for. Prices range from $60 to $70 on sale, now with extra 30% off. Get it here.

Madewell Flannel Cargo Workshirt in Buffalo Check


Of course I snagged this immediately when I saw there was a sale. I’ve only been obsessing over it forever. Most sizes were sold out when I checked, but apparently since I had my size saved in my cart, it let me check out anyway. Turns out hours later all sizes were back, so don’t hesitate to grab yours. I was a bit uncertain of sizing; I’m usually between a Small and a Medium at Madewell, and since this is oversized and runs large, I thought about getting a Small. But I wouldn’t want to kill the oversized intent of this shirt and have this be a fitted shirt; rather play it safe and have it fit than have it not fit, right? Hopefully I made the right decision. Get it here for $79.50, now with extra 25% off.

Madewell Mini Transport Tote

Madewell Mini Transport Tote

I’m the biggest fan of my Madewell Transport Tote. After a long search for the perfect one (see post here), I’m in love with the one I ultimately received and it only gets better with age. So of course, I can’t help but be drawn to the mini, crossbody version of it; now I can carry my favorite bag with me everywhere, hands-free! The $148 price really is quite cheap for something of this quality and function, and definitely go for the $10 monogramming (go for the gold foil!). It really just makes this bag extra special. Get yours here.

Two things I really wanted but were excluded from the promo — the J.Crew Chateau Parka and the Madewell Transport Weekender (TDF). In a way I’m relieved about the Madewell Weekender; I’m not sure I’d ever be willing to travel and really use a bag with that amount of gorgeous leather. What did you pick up during this sale?

Burberry Colorblock Check Blanket Poncho

Let me preface this post by saying I’ve never ever worn a cape or a poncho. No particular reason, just never been the type, never felt the need to when a jacket is so much more secure and perfectly stylish. Well, after all the buzz around this Burberry cape/poncho being the new “It Fall Jacket,” I can’t help but want one. Eek.

Burberry Colorblock Check Blanket Poncho

For those who have followed me for a while, it’ll probably be immediately obvious at least one of the reasons why I’m so drawn to this poncho — the ability to monogram it! Not only is there a monogram, it plays center stage. Love!

Burberry Colorblock Check Blanket Poncho

Everyone from Olivia Palermo to Sarah Jessica Parker’s wearing it, so it’s not a stretch to say this is definitely a new It “jacket.”

Burberry Colorblock Check Blanket Poncho

Downside? The appeal of this poncho stems a lot from that large monogram, which costs an additional $300, which brings the total cost of this beauty to $1,695. Ouch. A lot to pay for a poncho. Second downside — at least to me — there are no arm holes in this thing, so it’s literally a blanket that drapes on. Burberry’s SA reassure me that this blanket is heavy enough not to slide down but not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear. Still makes me hesitant; last thing I want when I’m out running around is having to constantly check/adjust my poncho. However, the cozy & chic appeal of this poncho is undeniable so maybe I’ll cave…get yours here.

Madewell Twin-Pouch Crossbody Bag

It’s more than obvious that the Twin-Pouch Crossbody Bag from Madewell was inspired by the uber-famous, ubiquitous Celine Trio bag.

Celine Trio Bag

Photo credit: garypeppergirl.com

And this is the Madewell Twin-Pouch Crossbody bag:

Madewell Twin Pouch Crossbody Bag

Similar simple design, but instead of the Celine logo, you can put your very own logo (aka monogram) in that same spot in gold foil. Super classic in black, even more stunning in the Dark Cabernet color. Best of all, it’s only $138, loads cheaper than the Celine. Love it? Check it out here on Madewell.