Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps

Yes, today’s post is about one of the most classic shoes to ever exist — the Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump, in the most classic variation of Black Patent.

Christian Louboutin New Simple Black Patent Pumps

Despite this being one of the more “boring” shoes Louboutin has produced, to me nothing is sexier than this simple, sleek shoe with this crazy heel and striking contrast between shiny black patent leather and the red sole. It’s sexy because it doesn’t try too hard, like some of his other creations. It just elegantly takes every outfit you have up a notch.

Christian Louboutin New Simple Black Patent Pumps

Now, these are actually supposed to be one of his more comfortable shoes, given that there is a platform to offset some of the height from the 120mm (~4.7 inches) heel. However, I personally would not use the word “comfortable” to describe these. The near 5″ heel feels like a near 5″ ┬áheel and you almost feel like your leg has to bend a different way to accommodate these while walking. Now given the highest I usually go is approx 3-4″, this could just be an adjustment issue. But for now, these will be my sittin’ pretty, eating dinner shoes, not for walking.

Christian Louboutin New Simple Black Patent Pumps

But let’s be honest. These beauties are worth any pain. They are statement, investment pieces that will turn heads no matter the outfit, from tees and jeans to dresses. Worth. It. Get ’em here from Neiman Marcus for $775.

New dream bag: Mark Cross Scottie

If I win the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I’d buy is this gorgeous, beautiful, vintagey, beautiful x 100 Mark Cross Scottie bag. In Cognac. And Black. And Burgundy.

mark cross large scottie cognac

Why do I love this bag so much? First of all, it’s the perfect size for the new minimalist me. Better than a small clutch though, this can carry my iPad on top of my essentials. Maybe even a Macbook Air. Second, it’s so no frills and so classic, with a brand like Mark Cross that has so much history yet isn’t blasting their logos all over the place like other high end designers. They don’t need to. Their style and quality exudes luxury better than anything. Third, look at that color and leather. I mean, I’d just want to pet it and smell it all day. Can’t possibly overstate how much I want to. And that gold clasp is the perfect pop of gold hardware. Lastly, it’s versatile and can be carried by the arm, which is a very ladylike, elegant look, or cross-body or on the shoulder with the strap, which is so convenient and effortless.

mark cross large scottie cognac 1

I have to admit, I didn’t even know who they were until I saw this bag on Taylor Swift and immediately thought, this is the bag I’ve always looked for and wanted. I got the “I got to have it” bug, immediately launching a search for the name of this bag. Found it available online only at Barneys, and it was sold out. Not to mention $2,450 (!!!). I didn’t even care. I called up Barneys and conducted a nationwide search for this bag. No dice — it was sold out everywhere. Probably because so many people saw it on Taylor Swift and had the same urge as me. Boo.




But then, after giving up all hope, I found this available on again just two days ago. But, now that it’s available and I’ve had some time to cool down, I find myself questioning the high price tag. There used to be a time when I wouldn’t have hesitated on dropping $3K on a bag, and this would’ve seemed like nothing, but now, with so many responsibilities, it’s hard to justify a bag that’s close to $3k. But I love it, I love it, I love it. What’s a girl to do? Just look at it!


To further tempt me, Mark Cross has created this bag in different sizes, in different colors. I’m loving the black and the burgundy also….

mark cross large scottie black


mark cross large scottie burgundy

If you’ve been waiting for this bag like I have and can swing the price tag, now’s the time to snatch these up before they sell out again! Get it here in Cognac at Barneys. Go go go!

J.Crew Sequin Etta Pumps, Part II

Finally got my J.Crew Sequin Etta Pumps in the mail. I love them so much they are probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes to date, if not the favorite, in terms of sheer beauty. That’s saying a lot considering how many pairs of shoes I have.

J.Crew Sequin Etta Pumps

I’m actually not quite sure what color these are. I bought them thinking they’re completely gold, but these have a lot of silver in them, so maybe they’re the Gold Leopard? Either way, I’m happy to have these; I think the silver interspersed with the gold actually adds a second dimension to the shoe so it looks extra shiny, almost like there’s a sheen of wetness to them.

J.Crew Sequin Etta Pumps

Now, as I expected, the comfort isn’t really there. There’s no platform, so you have nothing to offset that giant heel. The chunkyness of it helps to stabilize but you can’t escape that big pitch. It’s not as uncomfortable as I originally thought when I first tried on Ettas, but it’s not a shoe I’d plan a whole lot of walking in.

J.Crew Sequin Etta Pumps


J.Crew Sequin Etta Pumps

I took my usual shoe size in these and kind of regret it. I had read that people were sizing half size up because the toe box was small and your toes felt too cramped in the usual size, and half size up did the trick to provide a bit more room for that additional comfort. Back when I thought these were pure gold, I couldn’t find any in half size up and I got too impatient waiting, so I pulled the trigger on these and hoped for the best. My toes do feel too cramped a bit in that very short & small toe box, but hopefully it’ll stretch out a bit over time.

J.Crew Sequin Ettas

Bottom line, I’m in love with these and would love to stock up on more colors, if even just to look at or go to sit-down dinners with. I wish they made these awesome sequin colors in flats and other styles as well. Sizes pop up on J.Crew all the time, and given it’s extra 40% off sale time, it’s worth bookmarking and checking periodically here at J.Crew.