J.Crew Flared Surf Skirt

J.Crew’s Flared Surf Skirt has brought on the 2.0 version of my obsession with short A-line skirts like the J.Crew Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe.

J.Crew Flared Surf Skirt

…Except instead of actually being A-line, it kind of hugs your hips at the top then flares out in a much more dramatic way below. That slight edit makes it much more flirty and a welcome twist to the classic A-line skirt.

J.Crew Flared Surf Skirt

Unfortunately though, that extra flirty flounce makes this a casual-wear only type of skirt to me. I can’t imagine wearing this kind of skirt with a blazer and calling it business casual. However, super super cute for beach, lunch, shopping, anything that’s not formal.

J.Crew Flared Surf Skirt

I’d recommend trying this on in person before snagging one though. From the reviews, it seems people either found it super flattering or they did not at all, so it may depend on your body shape. If you have relatively narrow hips and are kind of straight through your waist / hips (like me), I think this hip-hugging, exaggerated A-line effect will work quite well to counter-balance that. Get yours here from J.Crew for $75 (with extra 30% off sale right now!).

Julie Vos Jewelry Sample Sale Picks

I’ve always eyed Julie Vos’ jewelry; her pieces look so detailed and expensive, but the prices aren’t. For someone who loves her jewelry so much, it’s probably surprising that I actually don’t own any….mostly because I’m in China now and it’s quite difficult to get pieces shipped here from non-mainstream retailers. Either way, for those of you who are in the US, her sample sale just started and here are some of my top picks:

Julie Vos Corsica 24K Stack Ring – $22 (down from $48)

Julie Vos_Corsica_Ring_Labradorite_Julie_Collection_grande

Julie Vos St. Barths Bracelet – $28 (down from $65)

Julie Vos_St._Barths_Bracelet_on_Model-small_grande

Julie Vos Piccolo Corsica Pendant – $44 (down from $110)

Julie Vos_PIccolo_Corsica_Pendants_multi_Julie_Vos_grande

Julie Vos Dubrovnik Bangle / Southhampton 7-Stone Bangle – $32 (down from $70)

Julie Vos Dubrovnik Bangle Southampton_5-stone_bangle_05fb7557-bfde-4be7-8e4c-ddb37feacb66_grande (1)

What are your picks?

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

My eyes lit up when I saw the Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote online.

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

You guys know how eternally obsessed I’ve been with cognac leather totes. Well, this one takes your standard tote up a notch. The burnished quality to the leather is so vintagey cool, and the leather has all the quirky bumps, scars, and wrinkles that only exist on the most natural, unprocessed leather.

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

It’s so chock full of character, and each piece of leather used to make each bag is unique. The description doesn’t mention that it’s full-grain leather, but it sure looks like it to me.

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

This is one heck of a workhorse tote that will only look increasingly beautiful with age. The price is a little steep for a no-name bag, but what you’re paying for here isn’t the brand markup of some big corporation mass-made bag, you’re paying mostly for the quality of the materials used and the Italian craftsmanship. And there’s something to be said about having such an unique, vintagey cognac leather tote amidst a sea of cognac leather totes that are so on trend right now. If you love it too, get it here from Anthropologie for $638. Oh and P.S. did I mention it’s made in Italy? Yum.