Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

My eyes lit up when I saw the Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote online.

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

You guys know how eternally obsessed I’ve been with cognac leather totes. Well, this one takes your standard tote up a notch. The burnished quality to the leather is so vintagey cool, and the leather has all the quirky bumps, scars, and wrinkles that only exist on the most natural, unprocessed leather.

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

It’s so chock full of character, and each piece of leather used to make each bag is unique. The description doesn’t mention that it’s full-grain leather, but it sure looks like it to me.

Anthropologie Alchimia Burnished Leather Tote

This is one heck of a workhorse tote that will only look increasingly beautiful with age. The price is a little steep for a no-name bag, but what you’re paying for here isn’t the brand markup of some big corporation mass-made bag, you’re paying mostly for the quality of the materials used and the Italian craftsmanship. And there’s something to be said about having such an unique, vintagey cognac leather tote amidst a sea of cognac leather totes that are so on trend right now. If you love it too, get it here from Anthropologie for $638. Oh and P.S. did I mention it’s made in Italy? Yum.

2 Latest Anthropologie Obsessions

It’s my favorite time of the year again — ’tis the season where 5x more options open up for accessorizing and layering. It’s funny; every Fall I feel like nothing in my closet work anymore & I feel compelled to start my Fall wardrobe anew. Does anyone else feel that way? All summer I’ve been living in my tee shirt + J.Crew City Mini skirt uniform (hey, it’s easy = perfect for the lazy girl yet professional-looking-ish), but rather than just throw on some tights and boots under it for Fall, I’m trying to challenge myself to think outside the J.Crew box. Here are a few things I found from Anthropologie that I’m loving:

Anthropologie Strata Dress – $198


 Anthropologie Strata DressAlta Mary Jane Booties


Anthropologie Strata Dress, Alta Mary Jane Booties

Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations. It’s so striking and elegant, but serves as a great canvas for any pops of color — for example, these super school-girl preppy-chic red Mary Jane Booties. And how cute with this adorable, bright-red Montmorency Cherried Beret or Color Report Cowl in red? Perfect for Fall/Winter. Best of all, this design is super slimming/flattering — the white panel is designed to draw the eye vertically down, then the skirt perfectly flares out from your hips, further accentuating the contrast with your waist, thereby giving you a little help in making it look a bit smaller (and we could all use some of that kind of magic!). It’s so cute I’d even layer on a sweater on top and wear this just for the skirt! With 51 almost 5-star reviews, this dress is pricy but almost completely sold out, so snag your size now from Anthropologie.


Anthropologie Montmorency Cherried Beret


Anthropologie Color Report Cowl – Red

Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt – $128


Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt – Wine


Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt – Wine


Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt – Black

Anthropologie-Ponte-Bell-Skirt-RedAnthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt – Red

With a similar fabric and style as the Strata dress, this skirt is meant to poof out from your lower body and, according to the site, create an instant “itty-bitty” waist. Icing on the cake? The material is super comfy, elastic and stretchy, and feels significant enough to be a Fall staple. 33 almost five-star reviews can’t be wrong! A bit pricy at $128 a pop, but I think this is worth the investment. I’ll be picking it up in all 3 colors! Get them from Anthropologie here for $128.