Wishlist: Skirt Edition

I’ve always had a thing for skirts. First of all, they’re much more comfortable than pants or jeans. When you wear a skirt, there’s a lot more freedom to move around. Second, skirts feel a lot more feminine than pants and always looks like you tried harder. Third, you can pair any shoes with skirts — flats if you want to be comfortable or if you’re walking a lot, and heels if you want to go for a dressier look. With jeans or pants, let’s face it, all of them out there – especially the designer ones – are made at a length fit for supermodel legs. I don’t have mile-high legs. So I always have to have them tailored, which is annoying, and even then, wearing flats with jeans always made me feel like I looked stumpy. Sure, heels with jeans is a lengthening look, but who wants to wear heels all the time? So for now, I’m sticking with skirts. They can be casual or dressy, so there’s always one right for each occasion.

J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Geometric Print – Navy – $148

J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Geometric Print – Navy

Whoa, this is a high-impact skirt. I’ve rarely seen prints as unique and cool as this. The purple really pops against the dark navy. This is definitely a statement skirt, especially in the sleek and crisp pencil skirt shape, meant to look bold and fun yet professional. All other clothes and accessories should be subdued to let this skirt really shine. This is still a bit lower on my wishlist though, mostly because my favorite items are ones that are truly versatile — ones that can be dressed up or down, and easy to throw on yet still look put together. It’s hard to really dress down pencil skirts and they’re not exactly what you’d lounge around in on a casual day at the office. Still, for anyone who wears pencil skirts, this is a winner. Get it here from J.Crew for $148.

J.Crew City Mini in Dublin Tartan – $98

J.Crew City Mini in Dublin Tartan

This is another must-have for me. For anyone who knows me, you’ll know that I’ve basically stocked up on all colors of J.Crew’s City Mini Skirt and have been wearing them in rotation like they’re my uniform. In my eyes, they’re the perfect skirt. Perfect length for the 5’6 me. Crisp wool to look dressed up. Pull-on style with elastic waist so it’s super easy to wear and very comfortable. I love mixing and matching all the different colors with all the colors I bought vintage cotton tanks and tees in. Yes, it’s that easy. Throw on a neon yellow tee with a cobalt blue City Mini and you look chic, bold, yet it’s effortless and super comfortable. With winter coming up, I plan to add blazers and jackets (instead of hoodies and summer cardigans), along with tights and boots. Definition of versatile. Anyway, this skirt combines my love of plaid (especially holiday plaid) with my favorite City Mini skirt style. It’s a no-brainer for me! Get it here from J.Crew for $98.

Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – $15 (on sale from $25)

Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – Teal Me Again

I bet you’re starting to notice a trend. Yes, I love easy-to-wear, comfortable clothes that are versatile yet look put-together. I love the look of pencil skirts but hate that they’re so constricting and rigid…and so formal. It takes some effort to pair it with clothes and accessories that dress them down a bit so you don’t look as stuffy. Enter jersey pencil skirts. How perfect? Pencil skirt style, knit jersey comfort. These received over 150 4.5 star reviews on Old Navy, so even though I haven’t shopped Old Navy in ages, clearly their shoppers think like me. At just $15 a pop, this is one I’d stock up on in every color. Too bad everyone else also thought so and bought all the solid colors and many of the prints. Boo. Three colors are left though, so snatch ’em up!

 Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – Blue Tango

Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – Sashimi

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Knit Skirt – $44.99 – $79.50

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Knit Skirt – Ivy League Green

 Look familiar? Yes, Banana Republic did a more “upscale” version of these popular jersey pencil skirts. Only difference I see is that they’re more a mini than a pencil skirt…? And paired with dressy accessories/top? Either way, if you’ve missed out on the Old Navy versions, these are cute replacements. 13 4.5 star reviews on Banana Republic — pretty good! And 19″ is a great length. Get it here from Banana Republic for $44.99. Or try True Navy below for $79.50.

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Knit Skirt – True Navy

Plaid shirts galore

This is the time of year when the holidays start inevitably creeping into your life everywhere you turn. People are starting to play Christmas music and every shopping channel is telling you to “buy now” for gifts. So of course, as someone who never needed a push, I’m back into full shopping mode. And goodie, this year there is so much temptation everywhere. Here’s what I’ve found just from a cursory browse online — starting with shirts.

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan – $88

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a HUGE fan of plaid. I don’t know what it is, but I love that plaid looks so casual yet put together, especially in the form of a button-up shirt. When paired with otherwise dressed-up clothes, like these white pants or a crisp pencil skirt, the plaid screams casual and effortless yet the outfit looks very put together. I’ve seen plenty of plaid color combinations, but I haven’t really seen grey and red being paired much together. What a combo! Pairing a neutral with a bold pop of color = instant winner in my eyes. Get it here from J.Crew for $88.

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Poppy Plaid – $88

J.Crew Boy Shirt in Poppy Plaid

 Ugh, love this shirt. The color combination is so bright, it’s almost blinding. It would’ve been overkill to do it in a larger pattern, so to counterbalance the color with smaller checks feels just right. I feel like whoever wears this would instantly stand out without even trying — at least it’d draw my eye! Perfect for layering also — what great colors to peak out under a neutral color blazer or sweater. Love!  Get it here from J.Crew for $88.

J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Tartan – $78

J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Tartan

This picture doesn’t do this shirt justice. I believe this is the same shirt as one released last holiday season — the one that sold out so quickly I was calling everywhere to try to find one in any size. I ended up buying a lookalike on J.Crew Factory but always felt like I missed out on the real thing. The fit just doesn’t seem to be the same. Anyway, this shirt, like all these plaid shirts I love, is amazing because it is so effortlessly chic and versatile. It can be unbuttoned and thrown on with a simple tank and jeans, or dressed with a belle-of-the-ball fancy skirt in an outfit perfect for the holidays without being overly-holiday-y.

J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Tartan

J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Buffalo Check – Red – $88

J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Buffalo Red Check

I. am. so. obsessed. with. this. shirt. Okay, maybe I have an unhealthy obsession with buffalo plaid – especially in the red and black combination. This shirt’s been sold out in most sizes for the longest time but looks like they recently restocked. I’m so obsessed I have this loaded in my cart and ready to check out any minute. Again, maybe it’s the inherent contradiction in this shirt that I love so much. Buffalo plaid is traditionally and mostly associated with rough and rugged lumberjacks out on some farm somewhere, yet J.Crew has taken it and transformed it into another casual chic shirt. The styled look above probably says it all – she’s wearing the shirt so casually like she just threw it on, but it looks great with the comparatively more formal long skirt. This is an absolute must-have for me. Get it here from J.Crew for $88.

New obsession: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel

I know there’s been a craze of some sort around Phillip Lim, but frankly I just haven’t had the time or interest to follow it. His clothes just didn’t much appeal to me…sorry. Then I spotted this bag on thefancy and I immediately stopped in my tracks. Who makes this? Is it really under $1000? Is it leather? I need to know everything!

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel – $895

So apparently this was (is?) an IT bag last year or this year and everyone who went to NY fashion week this year was seen carrying one. It is actually a surprisingly low price for an IT bag that’s this size and with this amount of detail in real leather. It also comes in some awesome hues of color – Black, Taupe, and Jade being my favorite.

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel – Taupe

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel – Jade

Don’t these bloggers look amazing with these bags? I want all three. But another big bag is the exact opposite of what I need. I’m at a point now where I only carry 3 things when I go out – keys, credit card, and my iPhone. I’d feel like an idiot carrying a big bag like this (that’s probably also heavy) with just three little things clanging around in there. Even with the optional/removeable shoulder strap, it’d still be too heavy for my purposes. So for now, I shall admire and obsess from afar. If you have one of these beauties, tell me why you love it (or hate it)!