Abercrombie & Fitch Molly Dress

My fleeting love affair – “fling” really – with Abercrombie & Fitch has come to an abrupt end. I don’t know why I thought, hey, A&F creates stuff that can be worn by grown untiny women, they’re just a younger trendier version of J.Crew! Why, Ran. Why. So two days ago, I excitedly placed a huge order for a ton of stuff from them, even paid $5 extra in addition to their already exorbitant shipping fees to get expedited shipping, and was really looking forward to sharing all these cute finds with you all here. For example, the super cute ruffly Beth skirt.

Abercrombie & Fitch Beth Skirt

I was debating between this and the J.Crew tiered ruffle skirt from a couple seasons ago, shown here:

J.Crew Tiered Ruffle Skirt

And I thought, if the J.Crew skirt falls to the knee on this amazonian model who’s probably like 6 feet tall, how long is it going to be on 5’6 me? It just looked a bit too long. Tiered ruffle skirts should not be that long, it may come off matronly. The A&F looked like it would be slightly below mid-thigh, which I would probably wear on the weekends casually. Well, when I pulled this mofo out of the bag tonight, I literally said out loud, “what. the. f*ck. is this sh*t” (excuse my language).

Abercrombie & Fitch Beth Skirt

I’m not even going to post a picture of my wearing it because I’m pretttttty sure you can see my underwear. From the front. 11″ of who-would-ever-wear-this. Compare this picture with the stock photo. C’mon. Seriously? I feel so deceived. The rest of my skirt purchases went the same sour way. Tragic. My disappointment is palpable. Out of my entire purchase, the only thing even remotely do-able is the Molly dress.

Abercrombie & Fitch Molly DressAbercrombie & Fitch Molly Dress

I’m wearing: Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

But it feels so skimpy on top and so poor quality on the bottom that I really feel cheap wearing it. It’s a cute idea in theory – great color combo, cute eyelet skirt detail, adorable bow at the waist, but it just does not work for me.

Well it’s been a delight Abercrombie but this is my stop and I’m going to get off. And walk away quickly. It’s sad when deceptive stock photos destroy the trust between a customer and a retailer and everything cute and well-planned into potential outfits turn out to be missing fabric everywhere. Oy, I better stick to my good ol’ J.Crew roots.

Get the Molly dress here from Abercrombie & Fitch on sale for $22.45.

11 New Casual Styling Ideas

I consider myself a noob when it comes to styling. There are so many ways to put together outfits and style them that I would never think of, so I definitely browse a bit online when I get a chance and try to see how I can make styles I like out there my own. Here are a few I saw this morning that surprised me with how cute they were for casual dress. Wherever you see short shorts, I’m thinking denim skirt….What do you guys think?

A seersucker dress with an eyelet lace hem looks hot under a navy cardigan with rosette embellishment. A rugged leather belt adds a cool tomboy edge.

Outfit Style Idea #2It’s all in the details; a distressed denim jacket with a vintage style brooch, an embroidered skirt and a thick twisted leather belt are the perfect unexpected touches when worn with a classic plaid shirt.

Outfit Style Idea #3

Sporty meets girlie in a red nylon jacket, applique embellished tee and distressed denim shorts. A braided leather belt completes the look.

Outfit Style Idea #4Classic style comes together with a striped skirt, embellished tank and a preppy extra long cardigan.

Outfit Style Idea #5Lace adds sexy embellishment to a little tank under a classic checked shirt. Cuffed denim shorts are the ideal rugged contrast against a varsity cardigan, for an effortlessly preppy look.

Outfit Style Idea #6Layer a navy cardigan with this season’s hottest floral detailing over a classic tank. Brighten it all up with a red plaid skirt.

Outfit Style Idea #7Dark jeggings are soft and comfortable with a classic plaid shirt. A sexy tank with rosette accents adds beautiful texture.

Outfit Style Idea #8Get an updated collegiate look in a striped cardigan with pretty rosette detailing layered over a classic tank. Raw edged shorts with logo applique gives this style the perfect vintage-prep look.

Outfit Style Idea #9Borrow from the boys in a rugged military inspired button-down layered over a pure white dress. Add definition to your waist with a patterned leather belt.

Outfit Style Idea #10Laces adds embellishment to a little tank under a classic checked shirt. Cuffed denim shorts are the ideal rugged contrast against a varsity cardigan, for an effortlessly preppy look.

Outfit Style Idea #11Layer up with a fitted lace tank under a plaid shirt and varsity cardigan. Dark denim shorts show off a little leg.

Tory Burch Gold Reva Flats

I’m completely in love with my new Tory Burch Reva Flats in Gold. Gold is such a cute neutral color that matches so much yet adds a great pop of bling/color. I had been hesitant on Tory Burch Revas thus far, despite their ubiquitous and fervent popularity, mainly because I found them to be extremely uncomfortable. However, I recently realized if I go up half a size, they suddenly and miraculously become very comfortable. Strange but true. So I’m now a fan and since I love gold so much as that neutral but blingy accent color, I had to pick these up.

Tory Burch Gold RevasTory Burch Gold Revas

I actually wore these to work today and found them very comfortable throughout the day as I ran around the office. I will note, however, that because they’re slightly large for me, they do make an audible unsticking noise at the heel when I walk. Not a biggie. At the end of the day I did find that the shoe was starting to rub against the top of my toes a bit, but I’m still unsure as to why so I won’t blame these gorgeous Revas just yet.

Tory Burch Gold RevasTory Burch Gold Revas

I’m wearing: Anthropologie Field Game Cardigan, J.Crew Dress (similar here), J.Crew Equestrian Leather Belt, Michael Kors White Chronograph Watch

You can’t tell from the pictures but this outfit has a bunch of little gold accents – the Anthropologie Field Game cardigan has engraved gold buttons (gorgeous), my J.Crew Equestrian Belt had a golden brass buckle, and my Michael Kors watch has gold accents…topped off by these super cute gold Revas! I know, I was kind of proud of that since it was all unintentional coordination. Shows my sometimes excessive attraction to gold, doesn’t it…

Get these gold Revas here for $195.