Tory Burch Resin Kitty Wedge

One day last year, I saw a girl walking on 5th Ave with shoes on that were the total inverse of the ubiquitous Tory Burch Revas I had seen everywhere. The shoe was gold but the medallion was black. I literally did a double take. It looked awesome. Soon after, I saw those flats online but never pulled the trigger because Revas have never been comfortable for me (I’m the only one, I know). Then I saw these tiny Tory Burch Kitty wedges in gold and a resin medallion (whatever that is) that basically is the same look but potentially without the same discomfort I get from the Reva’s elastic back.

Tory Burch Resin Kitty Wedge

Super cute, right? I was only able to find my size and this color at Jildor Shoes, so if they don’t work, it’s pretty much over. I didn’t think that would be a problem because the insole felt so cushioned and flexible that they were bound to be extremely comfortable. And…did I mention, how cute are they?? Gold is my new favorite neutral for sure.

Tory Burch Resin Kitty WedgeTory Burch Resin Kitty Wedge

I’m wearing: J.Crew Vintage V-Neck Cotton Tee, J.Crew Impressionist Pencil Skirt

Unfortunately, even though I got my normal US size, they fit just a little too tight length-wise. I felt the back dig into me every time I took a step. Half a size larger would’ve been perfect I think. Sadly, I cannot find these anywhere half a size larger, so I’m woefully returning these. I’m seriously considering trying the gold Reva version of these because that’s how cute and versatile I think these are. Should I? Hmmm….

Here’s a last parting shot of these way-too-adorable wedges…

Tory Burch Resin Kitty Wedges

Get them in black or gold here from Jildor Shoes for $260.

Gap Bermuda Shorts

For only $39.50, Gap’s Bermuda Shorts are worth every penny. I haven’t worn shorts in years, but this year wanted something that wouldn’t show my undies whenever the wind blew (i.e. all my girly skirts). J.Crew’s cute shorts are mostly way too short, and the longer ones they have are chino, which I know is not that comfortable for me because it’s a thick, stiffer material. Enter Gap – yet again unexpectedly offering up dressy basics that look great yet feel uber comfortable.

Gap Bermuda ShortsGap Bermuda Shorts

I’m wearing: Forever 21 Sunglasses Penguin Tank, Gap Bermuda Shorts, Nine West Getby Wedges

I think they look amazing. Especially with wedge heels or espadrilles for summer. You can pair it with a dressy top for a very dressed-up outfit (i.e. Palmera Ruffle Cami from J.Crew) or dress casually with a simple tee or tank, like I did today. I don’t have *ahem* the smallest thighs, and I was afraid that would be an issue when getting my normal size 6 that I wear in skirts, but these fit perfectly and were even a little bit loose. Just sitting around in them they loosened a bit more, so I can tell that sizing up would not be a great idea. These are comfortable and mold to your body, again because of the spandex. Highly recommend, especially at the super low price of $39.50. Get it here from Gap.

Gap New Pencil Skirt + J.Crew Palmera Ruffle Cami

Gap has always been dependable for great basics. Now I realize that’s true not just for casual basics like tank tops and flip flops, but also for professional dress wear like classic pencil skirts! What’s amazing about this “New Pencil Skirt” is that even though it looks dressy, it has the feel of a casual, comfy item I have come to expect from Gap. Here’s the secret (I think) – 3% spandex. Usually when I wear pencil skirts, the material is pretty stiff and since it’s cut high, it feels awkward and somewhat binding whenever you move, bend over, sit down, etc. Not this skirt. It literally molds to your body and moves with you. I’m a bit sad that the length is so long; feels like the 24″ length J.Crew pencil skirts typically have. Hits me slightly below my knee. I got my usual J.Crew skirt size in this, but it feels a little large at the waist and I have a feeling it may stretch out a bit throughout the day, so I probably could have sized down.

Gap New Pencil SkirtGap New Pencil Skirt

I’m wearing: J.Crew Palmera Ruffle Cami, Gap New Pencil Skirt, Nine West Getby Wedges

Also pictured here is the J.Crew Palmera Ruffle Cami. J.Crew usually has many versions of this ruffle cami every season, and I’ve always been tempted to try it but just never pulled the trigger enough to get them at a good price in my size. I got this one size too big because that was the only one available for such a dirt cheap sale price. I thought a loose fit may look better with this kind of top anyway. I really love it! I feel so professional and dressed-up in this, whether in jeans, casual skirts, or pencil skirts. The silk material is so light and breezy, and the ruffles definitely do not look like shredded paper to me. I really want to pick up more of this cami in all the different ruffle versions J.Crew has produced. It’s out of stock now on the J.Crew site, probably due to the low sale price, but keep an eye out for pop backs!

Meanwhile, definitely get the Gap New Pencil Skirt now for only $44.50.

PS. Bear with me through all the background changes. I am trying to figure out the best place in my apartment to get some good lighting, and it apparently is not my kitchen!