Gap Bermuda Shorts

For only $39.50, Gap’s Bermuda Shorts are worth every penny. I haven’t worn shorts in years, but this year wanted something that wouldn’t show my undies whenever the wind blew (i.e. all my girly skirts). J.Crew’s cute shorts are mostly way too short, and the longer ones they have are chino, which I know is not that comfortable for me because it’s a thick, stiffer material. Enter Gap – yet again unexpectedly offering up dressy basics that look great yet feel uber comfortable.

Gap Bermuda ShortsGap Bermuda Shorts

I’m wearing: Forever 21 Sunglasses Penguin Tank, Gap Bermuda Shorts, Nine West Getby Wedges

I think they look amazing. Especially with wedge heels or espadrilles for summer. You can pair it with a dressy top for a very dressed-up outfit (i.e. Palmera Ruffle Cami from J.Crew) or dress casually with a simple tee or tank, like I did today. I don’t have *ahem* the smallest thighs, and I was afraid that would be an issue when getting my normal size 6 that I wear in skirts, but these fit perfectly and were even a little bit loose. Just sitting around in them they loosened a bit more, so I can tell that sizing up would not be a great idea. These are comfortable and mold to your body, again because of the spandex. Highly recommend, especially at the super low price of $39.50. Get it here from Gap.

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  1. I have Gap’s Bermuda shorts in every single color since like 2 years ago. I agree….amazing and comfortable.

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