Wishlist: Men’s Edition

As the holidays near and gift time is just around the corner, I can’t help but notice all the cool men’s products I’d love to be able to buy my amazing other half, Jordan. Since men are often hard to shop for, maybe this list will help someone out there.

Banana Republic Extra-fine merino wool rib-knit sweater jacket – $108

Banana Republic merino wool sweater jacket

For all the guys out there who are still stuck in their college days and still wear hoodies around, upgrade that hoodie with something that will throw on just as easily over a plain white Hanes tee but will look 10x more put together. It’s perfect for the current hoodie season, when it’s just after summer and not yet cold enough for heavy winter coats.

J.Crew Macartney-Stripe Wool-Silk Tie – $69.50

J.Crew Macartney-Stripe Wool-Silk Tie

I know, how cliche — a tie. But this isn’t your dad’s boring old tie. It’s a fun tie that combines two diametrically opposite colors — a very neutral, subdued grey and a bright orange practically screaming for attention. If your guy still has to wear a tie to work these days, this is a fun alternative. If he doesn’t, this is a fun tie to throw on even when the occasion may not call for it. A tie is, after all, still an accessory, and can brighten up any drab outfit.

 J.Crew London Undercover Defence Umbrella – Olive Green Malacca – $150

J.Crew London Undercover Defence Umbrella – Olive Green

Chances are, your guy is still carrying out that random umbrella he picked up at some convenience store or street stand the last time he was caught in the rain. Upgrade from that flimsy, on-the-verge-of-breaking umbrella and get this beautiful, elegant umbrella in a saturated Olive Green. My favorite detail? Of course it’s the bright orange tieback — what a fun pop of color against the more subdued green. I may just steal this one for myself.

Ghurka Examiner Leather Briefcase – Vintage Chestnut – $1,295

Ghurka Examiner Leather Briefcase – Vintage Chestnut

 This is what I’d call a major upgrade from that worn-out messenger bag or computer bag so many guys drag around. How gorgeous is this vintage leather? I only recently discovered Ghurka, but I have to say all of their leather products are incredible. I want to collect them all. Throw this on and he’ll look instantly 10x more put-together, as if he actually cares about how he looks. Imagine that.

 Ghurka for Park & Bond Cavalier II Weekender – $795

 Ghurka for Park & Bond Cavalier II Weekender Bag

Weekender bags are the new cool thing every men’s designer seems to be pumping out. It’s the new and much more grown-up version of that raggedy duffel bag you might still be using from your college days or worse, the same bag you carry to the gym. Not exactly a hip way to travel. Weekend getaways are exciting and full of promise — just having a really nice bag to pack everything in will start the adventure off right. This one is an exclusive Ghurka creation for Park & Bond — gotta love that bright red lining against this gorgeous navy!

Wishlist: Skirt Edition

I’ve always had a thing for skirts. First of all, they’re much more comfortable than pants or jeans. When you wear a skirt, there’s a lot more freedom to move around. Second, skirts feel a lot more feminine than pants and always looks like you tried harder. Third, you can pair any shoes with skirts — flats if you want to be comfortable or if you’re walking a lot, and heels if you want to go for a dressier look. With jeans or pants, let’s face it, all of them out there – especially the designer ones – are made at a length fit for supermodel legs. I don’t have mile-high legs. So I always have to have them tailored, which is annoying, and even then, wearing flats with jeans always made me feel like I looked stumpy. Sure, heels with jeans is a lengthening look, but who wants to wear heels all the time? So for now, I’m sticking with skirts. They can be casual or dressy, so there’s always one right for each occasion.

J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Geometric Print – Navy – $148

J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Geometric Print – Navy

Whoa, this is a high-impact skirt. I’ve rarely seen prints as unique and cool as this. The purple really pops against the dark navy. This is definitely a statement skirt, especially in the sleek and crisp pencil skirt shape, meant to look bold and fun yet professional. All other clothes and accessories should be subdued to let this skirt really shine. This is still a bit lower on my wishlist though, mostly because my favorite items are ones that are truly versatile — ones that can be dressed up or down, and easy to throw on yet still look put together. It’s hard to really dress down pencil skirts and they’re not exactly what you’d lounge around in on a casual day at the office. Still, for anyone who wears pencil skirts, this is a winner. Get it here from J.Crew for $148.

J.Crew City Mini in Dublin Tartan – $98

J.Crew City Mini in Dublin Tartan

This is another must-have for me. For anyone who knows me, you’ll know that I’ve basically stocked up on all colors of J.Crew’s City Mini Skirt and have been wearing them in rotation like they’re my uniform. In my eyes, they’re the perfect skirt. Perfect length for the 5’6 me. Crisp wool to look dressed up. Pull-on style with elastic waist so it’s super easy to wear and very comfortable. I love mixing and matching all the different colors with all the colors I bought vintage cotton tanks and tees in. Yes, it’s that easy. Throw on a neon yellow tee with a cobalt blue City Mini and you look chic, bold, yet it’s effortless and super comfortable. With winter coming up, I plan to add blazers and jackets (instead of hoodies and summer cardigans), along with tights and boots. Definition of versatile. Anyway, this skirt combines my love of plaid (especially holiday plaid) with my favorite City Mini skirt style. It’s a no-brainer for me! Get it here from J.Crew for $98.

Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – $15 (on sale from $25)

Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – Teal Me Again

I bet you’re starting to notice a trend. Yes, I love easy-to-wear, comfortable clothes that are versatile yet look put-together. I love the look of pencil skirts but hate that they’re so constricting and rigid…and so formal. It takes some effort to pair it with clothes and accessories that dress them down a bit so you don’t look as stuffy. Enter jersey pencil skirts. How perfect? Pencil skirt style, knit jersey comfort. These received over 150 4.5 star reviews on Old Navy, so even though I haven’t shopped Old Navy in ages, clearly their shoppers think like me. At just $15 a pop, this is one I’d stock up on in every color. Too bad everyone else also thought so and bought all the solid colors and many of the prints. Boo. Three colors are left though, so snatch ’em up!

 Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – Blue Tango

Old Navy Jersey Pencil Skirt – Sashimi

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Knit Skirt – $44.99 – $79.50

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Knit Skirt – Ivy League Green

 Look familiar? Yes, Banana Republic did a more “upscale” version of these popular jersey pencil skirts. Only difference I see is that they’re more a mini than a pencil skirt…? And paired with dressy accessories/top? Either way, if you’ve missed out on the Old Navy versions, these are cute replacements. 13 4.5 star reviews on Banana Republic — pretty good! And 19″ is a great length. Get it here from Banana Republic for $44.99. Or try True Navy below for $79.50.

Banana Republic Striped Ponte Knit Skirt – True Navy

Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

Remember that gorgeous Leather Patch Pocket Jacket I bought with the Give & Get 30% promo at Banana Republic? The one that apparently was sold out and got canceled? Well, guess it was fated for me to have this jacket. I continued stalking the BR site, thinking I’d catch a return. One day it popped up in a Small; now I originally wanted it in a Medium because well, it’s a jacket. I need a bit more room under there for Fall/Winter. But thinking what are the odds that the right size will pop up, I snagged the Small. It came, I loved it, but it was clear I would be happier with slightly more room. I immediately called BR up and was told nope, this jacket is sold out across the entire company, both online and in stores, in all sizes. Boo. I settled on the Small. Then one random night, I decided to stroll into BR at Rockefeller Center. I literally have not been to a BR brick & mortar in like a year and I have no idea what made me want to go in there that night. Guess what I saw? A whole rack of these jackets in all sizes. And I found out they were having an extra 40% off promo for cardholders. What are the odds??? Long story short, I finally got my jacket, at a greater discount and in the right size.

Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

This jacket is frickin’ gorgeous. If you have not tried it on or touched it, do so immediately before these suckers are sold out. You will fall in love. I almost guarantee it. The fit is so cute and feminine, the inside is so soft, and the leather feels amazing. I don’t know how they can sell this jacket for such a low price, as all the other leather jackets I’ve seen online have been significantly pricier. It is also very warm, so it’s perfect for this chilly weather.

Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket JacketBanana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

I’m wearing: Banana Republic Silk Lace-Front Shell, Loft Chunky Tweed Mini Skirt, Naya Irina Clogs

I love it, I love it, I love it. I pet it almost daily while I wait for the weather to cool down enough to wear it out. I don’t know why I’ve always had the impression that leather jackets are very matronly and …”butch”…but this one is the opposite. It would be so cute with a skirt and clogs this Fall, or even over a flowy top and jeans. It would be hard to resist this one if you just try it on. Again, I never pictured myself to ever wear a leather jacket, but this one proves me wrong. I really can’t wait!

Keep checking online here for popbacks. I just saw a Small pop up yesterday at the sale price of $239 so definitely keep stalking! Or check out your stores if you’re near one!