Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

Remember that gorgeous Leather Patch Pocket Jacket I bought with the Give & Get 30% promo at Banana Republic? The one that apparently was sold out and got canceled? Well, guess it was fated for me to have this jacket. I continued stalking the BR site, thinking I’d catch a return. One day it popped up in a Small; now I originally wanted it in a Medium because well, it’s a jacket. I need a bit more room under there for Fall/Winter. But thinking what are the odds that the right size will pop up, I snagged the Small. It came, I loved it, but it was clear I would be happier with slightly more room. I immediately called BR up and was told nope, this jacket is sold out across the entire company, both online and in stores, in all sizes. Boo. I settled on the Small. Then one random night, I decided to stroll into BR at Rockefeller Center. I literally have not been to a BR brick & mortar in like a year and I have no idea what made me want to go in there that night. Guess what I saw? A whole rack of these jackets in all sizes. And I found out they were having an extra 40% off promo for cardholders. What are the odds??? Long story short, I finally got my jacket, at a greater discount and in the right size.

Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

This jacket is frickin’ gorgeous. If you have not tried it on or touched it, do so immediately before these suckers are sold out. You will fall in love. I almost guarantee it. The fit is so cute and feminine, the inside is so soft, and the leather feels amazing. I don’t know how they can sell this jacket for such a low price, as all the other leather jackets I’ve seen online have been significantly pricier. It is also very warm, so it’s perfect for this chilly weather.

Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket JacketBanana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

I’m wearing: Banana Republic Silk Lace-Front Shell, Loft Chunky Tweed Mini Skirt, Naya Irina Clogs

I love it, I love it, I love it. I pet it almost daily while I wait for the weather to cool down enough to wear it out. I don’t know why I’ve always had the impression that leather jackets are very matronly and …”butch”…but this one is the opposite. It would be so cute with a skirt and clogs this Fall, or even over a flowy top and jeans. It would be hard to resist this one if you just try it on. Again, I never pictured myself to ever wear a leather jacket, but this one proves me wrong. I really can’t wait!

Keep checking online here for popbacks. I just saw a Small pop up yesterday at the sale price of $239 so definitely keep stalking! Or check out your stores if you’re near one!

5 thoughts on “Banana Republic Leather Patch Pocket Jacket

  1. Gotta say that I have strayed from Banana for some time as I am pretty much devoted to the Crew (or should I say was until quality became an issue over the past year) but this jacket is awesome and looks fab on you. You’ve made me take another look at Banana. On the website it looks as though this jacket has a peplum in the back (gathered at the waist) is this the case? Hate to be rude but what are your general measurements for fit on this jacket. PS-love your blog and have been following it for quite some time.

  2. Hey Michelle! I feel the exact same way about BR – I barely looked at it for over a year as all their stuff looked so boring, but now I wouldn’t say I’m fully back, but I’m definitely looking again. As for the jacket, there is something there in the back (not sure if it’s a peplum) that makes it look nipped in at the waist. It is not straight up-and-down. For fit, I’m honestly not sure what my actual measurements are, but if it helps I’m usually a Small in J.Crew knits, around a 6 in shirts and jackets/outerwear. The Small is do-able in this leather jacket, but Medium definitely felt perfect. Hope that helps!

  3. I have been liking BR a lot lately. They have a lot of new nice things, and a lot of promos! Who can beat 40% off? It pays to sign up for offers by e-mail!

  4. Rose – I know, it seems like they have promos every other day. It’s pretty awesome but has completely spoiled me – no way I’ll buy BR without a promo now!

  5. HI! I have been looking for this jacket for a very long time. Do you still have this jacket? And would you be willing to sell it? Thanks for your time

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