Loft Leather Skirts (at 50% off!)

With so many 25% off promos from J.Crew and 40% off offers from Banana Republic & Loft nowadays, it’s rare that one of these offers actually entice me to go to their site and check out the goods. Is that the same for you guys? But of course, something about 50% off still compels me to shop. I love the feeling of seeing all these prices on the site and knowing I can get them for half that. Surprisingly, Loft has a couple of leather skirts that have gotten rave reviews and that I’m really into.

Loft Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Loft Faux Leather Mini Skirt

I’m all about leather skirts this season. I like the edge and sass a leather (or faux leather) skirt can add to my usually somewhat preppy style. Put an elastic waist on it and I’m even more sold — a comfortable leather skirt means I’ll likely reach for it again and again, making the price per wear super low. I also love that it’s so versatile, and cannot wait to wear it with tees to chambray shirts this Fall. Best of all, the price is insane — $69.50 then 50% off, so basically $35. Crazy town. I’d get it in every color if they had other colors. Get it here from Loft.

Loft Leather Paneled Ponte Skirt

Loft Leather Paneled Ponte Skirt

Faux leather mini skirts are a fun addition to any wardrobe for Fall/Winter, but a serious, well-designed, rich leather skirt takes it to a whole new level. This expensive-looking leather skirt is perfect for those dressier occasions, or simply when you need to look polished and put-together. I love that Loft put thought behind the design and made the two side panels in ponte material; one of the flaws about leather skirts is that they’re stiff and often uncomfortable, but these ponte panel sides really allow the skirt to form fit a bit more, and that makes all the difference. Get yours here for $158 (then 50% off!). Crazy good price.

Miniaturizing of Designer Bags

This recent trend of every design house taking their most popular bag style and miniaturizing it seems to be a fad, but one I definitely want to jump on. They’re capitalizing on the general affinity the public has for miniatures, and it seems to be a pretty successful move so far. People are going gaga for the original and the minis. Here are some of my favorite mini designer bags:

Saint Laurent Baby Sac de Jour

saint laurent baby sac de jour black

Some people pooh Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour bag because it looks too much like the Birkin. But I say, I may just like it better than the Birkin. Minimalism is all the fad these days, and this bag feels very modern chic and very Parisian. Really effortlessly chic in the full size, but retains that same chicness in an even more adorable package in the baby size. Get it here from Saks for $1,990. Yeah, the price is not so cute.

Balenciaga Mini City

Balenciaga Mini City

I’ve always been a fan of Balenciaga bags. I love that unlike LV who used to rely solely on plastering their logos all over their bags (aka Monogram bags), Balenciaga is recognized by their distinct style, not their logo. They’ve now taken the super classic City shape and miniaturized it into a crossbody. Just the right size for all your essentials and still retains that cool Balenciaga vibe. Get yours here from Neiman Marcus for $1,395. Tons of colors available.

Givenchy Mini Antigona

givenchy mini antigona

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that the Givenchy Antigona bag has been crazy popular. I’ve literally seen it everywhere. Like the Sac de Jour, it’s a very minimalist bag with a great structure that oozes chic without all the frills. No tassels needed, no crazy hardware, no weird colors or mixed media, just an elegant, timeless shape in classic colors. In the mini, it’s convenient and light to carry around, perfect for shopping days or when you just need the essentials with you. I love it in black or burgundy. Get yours here from Saks for $1,495.

Dior Mini Lady Dior in Black Lambskin

Dior Mini Lady Dior bag

The Lady Dior bag is stunning in black lambskin with gold hardware. Not since I fell hard for Chanel black caviar flap with gold hardware have I felt this same vibe from a bag. It’s classic and chic in a completely different way from the other bags; it oozes elegance and ladylike refinement. Since I’m neither refined nor very ladylike, I’m not sure this bag works for me, but regardless I love it. In the mini version, it’s simply too cute to resist. What a great little crossbody for day or evening! The mini Lady Dior isn’t really available online anywhere except for one pre-owned at Shopbop. Check it out here.

Which miniaturized designer bags are your favorite?

P.S. Please let me know if any of these photos belong to you; I’m happy to put up photo credits, just couldn’t find any for these photos!