Nine West Donley

The boot craze continues. I don’t remember where I first saw the Nine West Donley booties, but I definitely did a double take because of the super cute military edginess and the amount of detailing. I forgot about them briefly, but then saw them again featured on TV when someone was talking about the military trend. I went on a hunt to find where I had first seen these, and was surprised when I saw that they were Nine West. I didn’t think Nine West usually had shoes with this amount of detail. But I was super happy about their being Nine West because that means they’re not too expensive and would be comfortable. Who am I kidding – even if these were uncomfortable, I wouldn’t care!

Nine West Donley

Of course, they were completely sold out in the only two places that carried them – and I thought maybe I was too late to the party and it was over. I probably googled “Nine West Donley” every day to see whether they would restock. Then bam, one day, a whole slew of sites started carrying them. Glad I caught this new batch – I’m sure they’ll sell out again soon!

Nine West Donley

Ugh, too cute! Looks like it has a 4″ heel, with a 1/2″ platform. Would not ordinarily think of this as comfortable, since we’re talking about a 3.5″ pitch here. But surprisingly, they are! I did my normal ball-of-feet test with high heels, where I stand still for a while and see if they kill the ball of my feet. If they do, that probably means the pitch is too great to really walk comfortably for an entire day. Well, these passed! They don’t feel too high to walk in at all. Definitely not as comfy as the Destry boots or my Irina clogs, but definitely comfortable for such a hot shoe!

Nine West DonleyNine West Donley

I’m wearing: Banana Republic Classic Trenchcoat

Here’s what I love most about these: usually I try to avoid above-the-ankle booties because they tend to cut off the line of your legs and make you look stumpy. For me, with my big ol’ calves, my legs look like big sausages that come to an abrupt end point. I’m not sure what it is about these, but the first thing I noticed is that they don’t make my legs look that way at all (I don’t think?). They kind of even look like they extend the line of my legs a little. Anyway, I LOVE them! I’ve spent the last few hours just walking around in them at home because I don’t want to take them off!

Go snag a pair before they sell out! Get 20% off the $128.95 price here at

2 thoughts on “Nine West Donley

  1. They look great – love them on you!

    Did you get your normal size? Are they narrow?

    thanks and hi from Denmark :o)

  2. Hanne – Thanks! I did get my normal size. They felt slightly tighter than I expected but they’re the perfect size for me. I don’t consider them narrow; I have relatively wide feet and they feel very comfortable. Hope that helps!

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