Nine West Destry Boots

I love boots. But then again, what girl doesn’t? I’m tired of purchasing boots though because of the added element of boot circumference; I never know what’s going to fit me well. It’s all thanks to years of strength training my legs from running track in school; the calves bulked up and decided to never go down. I have a couple pairs of boots but nothing that comfortable or cute. I saw some rave reviews of the Nine West Destry boots and how their comfort factor is “insane,” so I decided to give it a shot.

Nine West Destry BootsAt first I didn’t even realize these were over the knee boots. But then when I realized, I questioned whether I could really pull it off; then I realized you can also wear these cuffed so that they’re not over the knee. These are just classic black boots that I think can look super cute (and match absolutely everything), but are also very comfortable because there’s a 1/2″ platform on a 3″ heel.

Nine West Destry BootsNine West Destry Boots

I’m wearing: J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer, Banana Republic Lace Front Shell, Burberry Kilt Skirt (similar here)

Had to take more pictures with my new J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer because I know my last set of pictures were pretty crappy. Anyway, left picture shows cuffed, right picture is full on over the knee. Not a huge difference. My friend commented that they look abnormally tall and therefore very weird, but I think that’s the way OTK boots are supposed to look, no? I’m liking the coverage of my entire lower leg – will keep me warm during those cold days too! Sweet. Here are side shots:

Nine West Destry BootsNine West Destry Boots

I’m wearing: J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer, Banana Republic Lace Front Shell, Burberry Kilt Skirt (similar here)

Again, left picture shows cuffed, right picture is over the knee. I love the fact that these don’t look at all like they’re low-heel boots, but they feel like frickin’ flats. I swear. The platform in the front does wonders. All in all, I’m totally in love with these boots. They fit me perfectly, they’ll keep me warm, and they look super hot but are incredibly comfortable. I’m surprised they’re not already sold out, but maybe they’re new. I’d grab a pair asap (unless you have skinny legs…in which case these may not be for you).

Get the black leather version from Piperlime here for $199, the black suede version from Nine West here, or the dark brown suede from Macy’s here.

15 thoughts on “Nine West Destry Boots

  1. I bought these boots two days ago and LOVE them! They are so comfortable. I’m 6’0 and have thin legs so I have never owned a pair of tall boots that fit to my legs so I just waer my thick leg warmers stuffed in them and a good to go.

  2. Those look hot on you!!!! It is good that you have the option of wearing them over or under the knee and shoes are ten times better when the are comfortable.

    I have the opposite problem of you with my skinny legs and boot shopping is just as much a pain in the you know where. 🙂

  3. Dee – wow, since you’re so tall, do these hit you below the knee? and do you find them comfortable for a full day’s wear?

  4. FSHNONMYMIND – Thanks! I’m so jealous of your lean and long legs! 10x better except when boot shopping! 😉

  5. Love you blog. The boots look fantastic. I also have large (I like to call them ginormous) calves. Do you have any recommendations for a flat/low boots?

  6. Carrie – Thanks for visiting! Yeah, I feel like my calves are ginormous too (I use that exact term in real life). I actually have a pair of flat boots and that’s why I wanted a pair of heeled ones. Try Steve Madden Intyce – they have a small buckle at the top and are adjustable. There’s a relatively clear shot of them (and links) in this post:

    Hope that helps!

  7. Thank you so much! I had just about given up. I’ve tried Frye (too cowboy), J Crew (too baggy with the wide calf). Can’t wait to check them out. Also going to try the heeled boots. Love your blog!

  8. Carrie – ugh, I don’t know how many pairs of boots I’ve tried on! In the end, I have the Steve Maddens for flat boots and now I’ve found these for heeled boots (that feel just like flats!). I’m so much more excited about these finds than I would be for anything else. Yes, super reasonably priced, I would have purchased multiples of the Steve Maddens but I figure why do that when the Destry boots are heeled and feel just as comfortable? I couldn’t resist buying another pair of Destry’s…just pure awesomeness 🙂

  9. I just saw that Macy’s has the brown suede ones for $143 Oh dear. I think I’m going to have to get the flats and the heels (In black and brown). Can’t wait and SO happy that I found your blog. Every time I tried boots on, pure disappointment because they are too tight! Ah! Finally!

  10. Carrie – You’ll have to tell me how you like them when you get all 3 pairs!! So excited for you. I saw the discount at Macy’s too, but I realllly wanted a pair in suede and a pair in leather so I chose the black suede over brown. I hope you love them as much as I do! ETA: Forgot to mention that for me, half size down from my usual size 9 fit me the best. Had to do a couple exchanges to figure that out.

  11. @ Ran- They hit me just slightly above the knee. WHen I wear them with the leg warmers tucked in they stay up w/ out them they slouch some. They are such a easy heel to walk in but I did but the dr schols gel inserts in because there is no real padding in them

  12. Dee – hmmm, I haven’t noticed the “no real padding” thing – that makes me a bit nervous to take them out for a spin. I hate it when shoes feel comfy at home but an hour later you’re limping on the sidewalk. I hope these aren’t like that!!

  13. I stumbled upon your blog and I love it. This was very informative and I love that you take pictures. Thank you so much and I hope you continue reviewing boots!

  14. I have these boots and you are so right! After surgery, I could not wear my high heels, and at 5’2″ that is all I owned. So I went looking for a flat boot and found these. I absolutely love them! They are low enough to be be comfortable yet high enough to look sexy! I love the price,I paid $19.99 at a discount store. Ridiculous! After this pair, I bought 2 more Nine West boots. Good quality shoe! Love them!!!

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