Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

The Bo Peep Espadrilles from Matt Bernson are hands down the most comfortable 4.5″ heels I’ve ever worn. Maybe these are even one of the most comfortable shoes I own, period.

Matt Bernson Bo Peep EspadrillesWhy are these so comfortable? For one, the big ol’ platform in the front. I’ve seen a lot of designers do this front platform poorly, so that the wedge seems way too clunky and ridiculously over-platformed. Not so with these. The cushion on the insole is amaaazing. The slope falls right where the arch normally falls. The combo makes these SO easy to walk in. Slingback also ensures no rubbing at the heel, so that the shoe moves with you. Best of all, there is no strap cutting across the shoe which means there is nothing there to cut off the line of your leg, aka these shoes will make your legs look super long. At least longer than usual.

J.Crew Watercolor Pastiche Perfect ShirtJ.Crew Watercolor Pastiche Perfect Shirt

I’m wearing: J.Crew Watercolor Pastiche Perfect Shirt, Banana Republic Pique Pencil Skirt

I wore these the other day to see my parents, and at first glance they were like holy cow you look amazing! What did you do! Then I took off the shoes and they were like oh…now that you’ve taken off those shoes…um….I was like, gee thanks Mom and Dad. These are definitely addictive, because now when I wear flats, I feel like I just look stumpy. Thank goodness these are comfortable because they’re currently my go-to shoes for the summer!

Get them here (on sale!) from Piperlime for $134 (down from $189!). Remember to order one size up!

Another Preview Post!

So I said I had a lot of shopping catch up to do and I really wasn’t lying because damn there is so much I want to buy! Here’s what’s coming up on Crewlade…

J.Crew Island Paisley Bubble Skirt – $79.50

J.Crew Island Paisley Bubble Skirt

My God, has there ever been a cuter outfit?! I want to buy everything in this outfit (minus the manly shoes). I didn’t pay much attention to the skirt until I saw this catalog photo…then I was totally in love and it became a must-have item. Elastic waist, so should be comfortable. Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the bubble hem but it looks adorable here. We all know that doesn’t always translate to real life, so guess we’ll see.

Get it here from J.Crew for $79.50.

J.Crew Tissue Sequin Tank – $74

J.Crew Tissue Sequin Tank

I remember when this tank only came in light colors and I wished it came in a navy or black because I imagined it would look amazing. And voila, I was not wrong. I love how this tank is so dressy in design but is made out of super soft tissue cotton and can clearly be dressed down in a casual outfit. The price is a little crazy for a tank so I’m still kind of on the fence about this one.

Get it here from J.Crew for $74.

J.Crew Palisade Cardigan – $98

J.Crew Palisade Cardigan

Oh how I wish this cardigan came in merino wool and not cotton. I love the detailing on this cardigan because it’s so feminine and preppy (and I love bows apparently), but from past experience with cotton cardigans from J.Crew, they usually stretch out of shape so easily that by the end of the day they’re just loose and flopping around on your body. Is that just me? I might try this one anyway though because it’s just so adorable.

Get it here from J.Crew for $98.

J.Crew Tissue Cascading Twists Tee – $24.50

J.Crew Tissue Cascading Twists Tee

I kept getting drawn to this tee and I could never pinpoint why. I think I just love the Red Clay color because it pairs so perfectly with denim. It’s not a commonly seen red – slightly darker and more saturated than usual. Of course that could just be the picture; hopefully it looks the same in real life.

Get it here from J.Crew on sale for $24.50.

J.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami – $29.99

J.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this tee while browsing J.Crew online and I’ve always paused, though it had some potential, then dismissed it because if it doesn’t look all that cute on the J.Crew model, chances are it won’t be that great on me. I feel like even in this picture, the tissue material is so unflattering because you can see every tiny line and lump on this woman. However, I’ve seen reviews and IRL pictures of this cami in the blogosphere and they all look super cute. So…now that it’s on sale, I’m giving it a shot.

Get it here from J.Crew for $29.99.

J.Crew Kelsey Ruffle Top – $49.99

J.Crew Kelsey Ruffle Top

Ever since I bought the Palmera Ruffle cami from J.Crew a few weeks ago (see review here), I have completely fallen in love with J.Crew ruffle camis – all the versions over the years. Yes – the Frances, the Victoria, and Kelsey (were there more?). They are surprisingly comfortable for shirts that have no stretch (if you sized properly that is), they’re breezy, they’re super flattering whether alone or layered, and they always make you look so put together and well dressed. I always feel so chic in my Palmera cami that I find myself constantly pulling it out when I want to look good without much thought or effort. Anyway, the Kelsey isn’t AS cute as the camis with the v-neck ruffles, but it still fits the bill and comes in many great colors.

Get it here from J.Crew for $49.99.

Ann Taylor Loft Shiny Beaded Bow Tee

The Shiny Beaded Bow Tee is my very first purchase from Ann Taylor Loft. I always thought of them as a brand for older women so I never really paid attention, but one quick browse the other day and I found a bunch of cute things! This is one of them.

Ann Taylor Loft Shiny Beaded Bow Tee

I just realized as I was posting that picture that I seem to have a thing for bows on tees. That’s funny. Wonder where that comes from…Anyway, I ordered a Small, which fits really loosely and is cut rather long. It also unexpectedly has cap sleeves, which makes me feel self conscious about my arms (which I feel have gotten chubbier the last few weeks…hmm). But overall – very cute and extremely comfortable due to the slub cotton. I was surprised at how much beading and detailing went into this tee considering the price. I’d definitely recommend. 2 IRL pictures here – one tucked in and one not so as to show the length.

Ann Taylor Loft Shiny Beaded Bow TeeAnn Taylor Loft Shiny Beaded Bow Tee

I’m wearing: J.Crew Metallic Moss Jacquard Skirt, Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

Get it here from Ann Taylor Loft at the total dirt cheap price of $34.99 PLUS extra 40% off with code SALE40.