Kenneth Cole 925 Technolgy Silver Tongue Flats

I’ve wanted to try the new Kenneth Cole 925 Silver Technology ever since its launch. It could just be marketing, but I just can’t resist all the new technologies and cushioning they are purported to have. I initially wanted the 4″ heels with this technology, because how rare is it to have such a super cushioned comfortable 4″ heel? But recently, I discovered what I need is a new go-to comfortable shoe…because I have none! So I figured, all this technology PLUS the fact that the Silver Tongue is a flat…it’s gotta be the most comfortable shoe on Earth.

Kenneth Cole 925 Technology Silver Tongue Flats

The front of the shoe has the softest suede cushioning, and the rest of the shoe is leather cushion. Look at that flaxseed pillow at the arch! Very promising. The leather upper is also very soft.

Kenneth Cole 925 Technology Silver Tongue Flats

When I put it on though, the pointy toe looked a bit strange. Like it kind of came to a point too quickly, and the point should be extended a bit more. It looked like a round toe flat that decided to grow a point. Because of this, there’s just not enough room for all my toes. I don’t usually feel like my toes are being squished into the pointy part of pointy-toe shoes but they definitely feel that way here. I felt the leather really constricting the sides of my pinky toes and that part did not feel comfortable walking around. The rest of the shoe feels like a dream though. What a pity. I’d definitely be open to trying the other shoes in the collection though – the 925 technology is a definite winner. The design of the shoes just needs to catch up to maximize the 925 potential.

Kenneth Cole 925 Technology Silver Tongue FlatsKenneth Cole 925 Technology Silver Tongue Flats

I haven’t seen any IRL pics of any Kenneth Cole 925 shoes yet, so hope these help someone. I know when I was considering these, I searched for a review – any review – anywhere, but all I found were press chatter and superficial blog chatter with no real wear experiences or IRL feelings. You will also notice that I’ve given up on my new Nikon D3000 and will be returning it. It just doesn’t perform well in low light and requires way too much effort to produce a good shot when you’re indoors. I don’t have the time or patience for that, so it’s back to my hunt for a kick-ass point-and-shoot. In the meantime, I’ve revived the old Canon SD870 so bear with me. Silver lining? I got a HUGE new beautiful Abbott Floor Mirror from Crate & Barrel for hopefully much better mirror shots moving forward.

Get your Kenneth Cole 925 Silver Tongue Flats here for $98.

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  1. I just got these a few months ago too and they are incredibly comfortable for me. Sorry they did not work out for you.

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