Coach Classics on Sale

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Coach in recent years, mainly because I’ve felt like a lot of their “hot new” style of the season each year often looked overdone and even sometimes gimmicky, rather than clean, elegant, classic. Only exception has been the Borough bag, which was indeed very simple and classic, with an almost negligibly small Coach logo. However, this year in their semi-annual sale, they have a few true classics on sale for pretty ridiculously low prices. I’m talking great leather, classic British tan color, clean lines, blogger favs. Check out my picks:

Coach Willis — originally $298, now $149

Coach Willis

(Source: Atlantic Pacific)

Coach Court — originally $258 now $129

Coach Court

Coach City — originally $278, now $139

Coach City

(Source: Revenge, ABC)

Coach City(Source: ???)

Free shipping is on for all orders on right now, so take advantage!

The Case for Casual “Jackets”

In New York, weather is pretty cut and dry; it’s hot in the summers and cold in the winters, so you prepare clothes accordingly. When I moved to San Francisco, I first embraced the hot sun with glee, believing that I would now live perpetually in beautiful sunny days. Then I stepped out to walk my dogs that first night and was freezing in my tank top and shorts combo. FREEZING. I threw on the down puffer jacket I had brought with me from New York (and thought I could ditch forever), and looked like the most ridiculously unprepared coast-hopper in a down jacket with shorts and flip flops. After a few nights of hoping it was just a fluke, I realized sure, it’s like a beautiful summer day during the day, but at night it turns into Fall — I needed something to throw on so I can run out for errands, walk the dogs, or even grab a quick dinner out. I wanted it to be casual (so I didn’t feel like I had to change just to match it), cute, flattering, and not your typical slob-looking hoodie. Since I’m sure I’m not alone in this need, here are some of my finds:

Old Navy Go-Dry Compression Tunic Jacket

Old Navy Go-Dry Compression Tunic Jacket

I would’ve never thought of Old Navy as an “activewear” type of brand, but browsing their site it seems they do have a lot of really great, no-fuss basic activewear staples that are not only affordable but have gotten rave reviews. This jacket is one of them. Just looking at the seaming on this jacket tells me it’s slimming and flattering, and it looks much more put-together than your normal loose-fitting hoodie. The tunic length also offers more coverage and a longer visual line for your upper body. On sale at only $30 right now, this is a steal. Get it here from Old Navy.

J.Crew Collection Cashmere Zip-Front Hoodie

J.Crew Collection Cashmere Zip-Front Hoodie

Thinking back to the unflattering Gap hoodie I used to own, I realized that maybe nothing is wrong with the classic hoodie style. Maybe it’s all about the right material and fit. For example, one can never take a fitted cashmere hoodie and think it looks too sloppy. It matches any casual outfit like a hoodie would, but it elevates it to the perfect degree of casual dressiness. Get it here at 25% off right now at J.Crew with code YAYMAY.

Zella Stamina Jacket

Zella Stamina Jacket

Like me, you’ve probably never heard of Zella before today. I found them while shopping for casual hoodies at Nordstrom. All of their activewear gets such rave reviews and the prices are pretty affordable, so they’re definitely worth a look. This jacket for example looks super flattering and would be a great option to throw on over tees and shorts or even your gym clothes. It’s on sale for only $65 right now, get it here from Nordstrom.

Nike Avenger Knit Training Track Jacket

Nike Avenger Knit Training Track Jacket

This pick is probably the sportiest of the bunch, but it’s a really unique piece with a retro vibe that most other hoodies/jackets can’t match. I think I’d feel young and vibrant in it, particularly in this gorgeous red, and I’d probably feel the itch to work out more, which is definitely a good thing! There are a few colors to choose from, but red’s definitely my fav. Get it on sale here from Nike for just $54.97.

Madewell x English Saddle = Love

It’s probably more than obvious by now that I love, love the caramel/cognac/saddle color. Especially in leather. Lucky for me, Madewell has apparently made it their mission to make me buy everything they put out by creating an English Saddle leather version of some gorgeous bags. I already own the infamous and ubiquitous Transport Tote in English Saddle, here’s what else I’m craving:

Madewell Transport Rucksack Backpack

Madewell Transport Rucksack

Backpacks are on trend again and this one is just perfect for travel. Nothing drags down a day out sightseeing or checking out tourist traps than a heavy bag that weighs on just one very sore shoulder. Enter this luxe, smooshy backpack: chic, comfortable, roomy. Was out of stock for the longest time and just came back in stock. Get it here for $248.

Madewell Transport Weekender

Madewell Transport Weekender

Speaking of travel, how amazingly chic to travel with this huge piece of chewy leather goodness? And would love that pop of gold from the monogram. I’ve always seen these super stylish people get off flights and check into hotels with gorgeous cognac leather bags, and now’s the chance to grab a classic one of your own. Get it here for only $298.

Madewell Twin-Pouch Crossbody Bag

Madewell Twin Pouch Crossbody Bag

For everyday essentials, nothing beats this gorgeous crossbody bag that very closely mimics the currently ever-popular Celine Trio bag. The English Saddle color is new; I’ve been obsessed with this bag in the Dark Cabernet (out of stock) but I’ll *settle* for this new saddle color. Get it here for $138.

Madewell Medium Pouch in English Saddle

Madewell Medium Pouch Clutch in English Saddle

For those who want to pare down even further, this classic pouch/clutch is a great daily bag that will fit all those essentials perfectly. For the longest time I went to work with just my Balenciaga Coin Purse (which is even smaller than this), realizing all I needed was my iPhone, keys, and a couple of credit cards. This pouch even has a coin pocket and card slots built in with plenty of room for even an iPhone 6 Plus so it’s a great choice for any minimalist. Get it here for only $59.50.