Louis Vuitton Claudia Ballerina Flats

The Claudia Ballerina Flats are my first pair of shoes from Louis Vuitton. Yeah, I know LV isn’t known for making shoes so I don’t expect them to be too comfortable, but I’m a HUGE sucker for the Amarante leather they have and I love the pop of the gold hardware against the darkness of the Amarante.

Louis Vuitton Claudia Ballerina Flats

Unlike most of the LV shoes, these are not ostentatiously logo-ed. Rather, the vernis leather is subtly embossed and barely noticeable unless under direct sunlight.

Louis Vuitton Claudia Ballerina Flats

They were quite pricey at $655 not including tax, so hopefully they’re not killer on my feet and I end up never wearing them.

Louis Vuitton Claudia FlatsLouis Vuitton Claudia Flats

Initial impression is good though; the leather may be a bit stiff as expected from all patent leather, but the sole is very cushiony and bendy. Good signs!

Get it here from Louis Vuitton for $655.

Tory Burch Gold Reva Flats

I’m completely in love with my new Tory Burch Reva Flats in Gold. Gold is such a cute neutral color that matches so much yet adds a great pop of bling/color. I had been hesitant on Tory Burch Revas thus far, despite their ubiquitous and fervent popularity, mainly because I found them to be extremely uncomfortable. However, I recently realized if I go up half a size, they suddenly and miraculously become very comfortable. Strange but true. So I’m now a fan and since I love gold so much as that neutral but blingy accent color, I had to pick these up.

Tory Burch Gold RevasTory Burch Gold Revas

I actually wore these to work today and found them very comfortable throughout the day as I ran around the office. I will note, however, that because they’re slightly large for me, they do make an audible unsticking noise at the heel when I walk. Not a biggie. At the end of the day I did find that the shoe was starting to rub against the top of my toes a bit, but I’m still unsure as to why so I won’t blame these gorgeous Revas just yet.

Tory Burch Gold RevasTory Burch Gold Revas

I’m wearing: Anthropologie Field Game Cardigan, J.Crew Dress (similar here), J.Crew Equestrian Leather Belt, Michael Kors White Chronograph Watch

You can’t tell from the pictures but this outfit has a bunch of little gold accents – the Anthropologie Field Game cardigan has engraved gold buttons (gorgeous), my J.Crew Equestrian Belt had a golden brass buckle, and my Michael Kors watch has gold accents…topped off by these super cute gold Revas! I know, I was kind of proud of that since it was all unintentional coordination. Shows my sometimes excessive attraction to gold, doesn’t it…

Get these gold Revas here for $195.

Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

The Bo Peep Espadrilles from Matt Bernson are hands down the most comfortable 4.5″ heels I’ve ever worn. Maybe these are even one of the most comfortable shoes I own, period.

Matt Bernson Bo Peep EspadrillesWhy are these so comfortable? For one, the big ol’ platform in the front. I’ve seen a lot of designers do this front platform poorly, so that the wedge seems way too clunky and ridiculously over-platformed. Not so with these. The cushion on the insole is amaaazing. The slope falls right where the arch normally falls. The combo makes these SO easy to walk in. Slingback also ensures no rubbing at the heel, so that the shoe moves with you. Best of all, there is no strap cutting across the shoe which means there is nothing there to cut off the line of your leg, aka these shoes will make your legs look super long. At least longer than usual.

J.Crew Watercolor Pastiche Perfect ShirtJ.Crew Watercolor Pastiche Perfect Shirt

I’m wearing: J.Crew Watercolor Pastiche Perfect Shirt, Banana Republic Pique Pencil Skirt

I wore these the other day to see my parents, and at first glance they were like holy cow you look amazing! What did you do! Then I took off the shoes and they were like oh…now that you’ve taken off those shoes…um….I was like, gee thanks Mom and Dad. These are definitely addictive, because now when I wear flats, I feel like I just look stumpy. Thank goodness these are comfortable because they’re currently my go-to shoes for the summer!

Get them here (on sale!) from Piperlime for $134 (down from $189!). Remember to order one size up!