Fancy Floral Pumps

Though many would say floral pumps are perfect for spring/summer, I say nothing cheers up a chilly Fall or Winter day more than some flowers at your feet in the form of a pair of pretty floral pumps. It’s unexpected and just the right feminine, whimsical touch to an otherwise neutral or winter-drab outfit. I’ve recently fallen in love with 3 pairs — which one is your favorite?

Stuart Weitzman Rose Python Floral Nouveau Pumps

Stuart Weitzman Rose Python Floral Nouveau Pump

These Rose Python Floral Nouveau Pumps are basically a work of art. They’re hand-painted on python, so each pair is completely unique. Literally, they’re works of art on your feet. These take floral pumps to a whole new level compared to your regular ol’ printed floral pumps, most of which look like your grandma’s old curtains. Love these with a passion. Also read that these are true to size & super, super comfortable. AND they’re on mega 50% off sale everywhere right now. Check if your size is available here and here.

Kate Spade Licorice Floral-Print Leather Pump

Kate Spade Licorice Floral-Print Leather Pumps

Something about these rose pumps just speaks to me. I think it’s the sexy cut of the pump, and the bold striking colors of the blossoming roses in the print. Make no mistake, these are statement shoes and should probably be paired with relatively neutral outfits so that they really sing in the spotlight. Too many other floral shoes have the cheesiest prints — some are too splotchy with the colors, some of the colors don’t really pair well together, and some just don’t match well with the shape of the shoe. These are really perfect in almost every way, only wrinkle being I may just like these more if they were hand-painted and each pair was unique also. But that’s asking way too much. Get these here from Neiman Marcus for $328.

Christian Louboutin Pifalle Follies Floral Satin Pump

Christian Louboutin Pifalle Follies Satin Pump

Like the Stuart Weitzman Nouveau pumps, these Louboutin Floral pumps are more abstract and more like a work of art than a blatantly obvious floral pump with flowers all over it. And that’s why I love it. It looks like an abstract painting on your feet, full of purple and pink hues that ooze femininity. In this uber sexy cut and high heel, they are the epitome of class. The red sole complement doesn’t hurt either. Only snag is I’d prefer these in leather so they’re not literally fragile pieces of art on my feet that I have to be careful with. But that’s a small price to pay for these beautiful floral pumps. Get these here from Bergdorf Goodman for $675.

Tiny Dainty Star Necklaces

I’ve really been into tiny dainty things lately, so I’ve been looking for a tiny gold pendant necklace for everyday wear. I found this on a random street while shopping in a no-name little boutique.

Dainty gold star necklace

When the light hits it at just the right angle, it really sparkles and twinkles. Super cute. I realized why I fell in love with it; I had long eyed the Dogeared Lucky Star Pendant Necklace, which looks very very similar to the one I got.

Dogeared Lucky Star Pendant Necklace

I loved the meaning behind it too, that it can be your lucky star and bring you good luck when you wear it, so I’ll just super-impose that meaning onto my little star necklace, hehe. The star is really tiny, so from afar it just looks like something is twinkling around your neck, but that’s part of the appeal — it’s meant to be tiny.

Dainty Gold Star Necklace

Excuse the crappy iPhone pics, but this quick snapshot gives you an idea of how small it is and how it looks when worn. Do you like this type of necklace? You can get the Dogeared Lucky Star Pendant necklace here from Zappos for $58.

J.Crew Pamela Dress in Leavers Lace

I’m obsessed with the J.Crew Pamela Dress in Leavers Lace. The thing with lace is in small doses, it’s totally do-able for daily casual wear. I can imagine a lace skirt paired with a chambray shirt, or a lace top paired with jeans. However, used across an entire dress, lace becomes pretty dressy and dainty.

J.Crew Pamela Dress in Leavers Lace

It takes lace to a whole new level; gorgeous, yes, but I literally have nowhere I can possibly wear this kind of dress to. Do I care? Not really. I love it. I particularly love the top part where the lining stops and the lace becomes just a little bit revealing. It’s sexy in a prim-and-proper way. And yes, this grey is definitely my favorite color, not just because grey is a huge color this season but because it has none of the implications/stigma attached to white or black lace dresses.

J.Crew Pamela Dress in Leavers Lace

J.Crew has seemed to merchandise the Pamela dress as bridesmaid or wedding party dresses, but since I have no idea when I’ll be a bridesmaid or go to another wedding, I’ll have to think of other occasions to wear this to so I can justify buying it. What about you? Where would you wear this dress to? Get yours here for $275 from J.Crew.