Versace Baroque Print Stretch Viscose Cady Dress

I’ve never paid attention to Versace before. Like most of you, I rarely hear about them on fashion blogs and no one is prancing around with Versace bags. Just seemed like they were so old school. Really, who actually wears Versace these days? Then I saw a picture of Nina Dobrev (of “Vampire Diaries” fame) wearing the Versace Baroque Print Cady Dress¬†at Paris Fashion Week.

Versace Baroque Print Stretch Viscose Cady Dress Nina Dobrev

OMG, she’s stunning, the dress is gorgeous, the shoes are amazeballs. Is it just me? It can’t be just me. Yes, I know, part of what makes the outfit is probably that Nina Dobrev and her amazing bod can make any dress/outfit look amazing, but…look at this dress! The amount of detailing is insane. The patterns really do feel baroque and vintagey, but the style of the dress is so modern and super sexy, if not maybe a tad too short. Then add on those brass buttons and shoulder fringe, and you totally have that old-school military vibe. The colors all play super well together.

Versace Baroque Print Stretch Viscose Caddy Dress Nina Dobrev

And to top it off, she let the dress shine by pairing it with a pair of stunning, but very neutral, understated pair of Versace Mirror Pumps in black suede. As neutral as they are, they stand out to the shoe fiend in me because I love that it’s not a typical pair of black pumps. The wedged layer of silver mirror in the platform, the reflective mirror quality extending from the heel through the sole, and they even look comfortable given the large platform…which the wedged layer of mirror helps to deflect from, so it doesn’t look like a giant platform. Yes, I also love these pumps. What do you think of Nina Dobrev’s outfit? If you’d like her dress, you can get it here from Luisaviaroma.