Wishlist: Dresses!

In the style of being lazy yet “effortlessly” put-together, I’m eyeing a few dresses that you can easily throw on this Fall/Winter. Dresses are actually my favorite things to wear this time of year — forget layering and figuring out which shirt matches which sweater or cardigan and how does it work with your jeans/pants/skirts. Just throw on a dress, add on a belt that pops, tights and knee-high boots, and you’re ready to go. Easy peasy.

Old Navy V-Neck Sweater Dress – $29.94

Old Navy V-Neck Sweater Dress – Navy Stripe

Sweater dresses are the dresses to wear in Fall/Winter. Some women still try to throw on their summer dresses and hope that with tights and boots, it’ll look seasonally appropriate (ok maybe that’s just me), but mostly that just looks silly. This dress has a substantial feel to it, hugs the curves, but doesn’t cling…and the print really disguises any body issues. Because the colors of this dress are already stand-out colors, I’d complement them with neutral accessories so as not to come off busy with too much going on. Add a nice neutral wide belt here with a fluffy solid-colored scarf, and we’re good to go. Get it from Old Navy here for just $29.94! Here is my other favorite color:

Old Navy V-Neck Sweater Dress – Black Stripe

ModCloth Rise and Runway Dress – $49.99

ModCloth Rise and Runway Dress

This is a bold dress but just screams Fall/Winter. The zig-zag print will cover any body issues/insecurities, while the elastic waist offers easy-on comfort yet some sense of a fit-and-flare that should look flattering on many body types. Add a wide black belt here and definitely some kick-ass knee-highs! Sizing is in S, M, L. Get it from ModCloth here for $49.99.

ModCloth Say High-Lo to Your Little Dress – $44.99

ModCloth Say High-Lo to Your Little Dress

Light and airy, this dress is probably not appropriate beyond Fall, but the color palate makes it fall just under Fall dresses for me. I love the easy slip on style (the waist can be tightened loosely with the strap), and I’m just starting to get into this uneven hem trend, which I’ll admit is kind of sexy. Great with knee-high boots yet again. Get it here from ModCloth for $44.99.

Lands’ End Canvas Merino Boatneck Dress – $74.99 (on sale from $120)

Lands’ End Canvas Merino Boatneck Dress

Another great little sweater dress. I love the bold colors and the exaggerated sleeve detailing. It’s super soft and comfortable, flattering, but doesn’t cling. Looks great even without accessories. Get it here from Lands’ End Canvas for $74.99.