Should I Get These? Hmm…

I’ve been experiencing quite a dry spell recently. For some reason I’ve lost a lot of my interest in clothing. In an effort to “get back on the horse” so to speak, I’ve been doing some online browsing and I found a few things I like. Am I pushing myself to like them because I want to like them or because they’re legitimately cute? You guys tell me.

J.Crew Boutonniere Blazer – $198

J.Crew Boutonniere Blazer

J.Crew Sunnie Pencil Skirt – $128

J.Crew Sunnie Pencil Skirt

Also loving the Marled Lambswool Apres Cardigan ($135) and Teal Flannel Boy Shirt ($72) shown.

Talbots Fair-Isle Flyaway Cardigan – $149

Talbots Fair-Isle Flyaway Cardigan
I’ve been seeing some rave reviews of Talbots, much like the fanfare Lands End Canvas received when they first launched. Very J.Crew-esque stuff. I’m not sure why I’ve always had the impression that they were geared towards older, more mature women, at least much more so than J.Crew. But today I checked it out and there are definitely some cute stuff…but quite pricey! $149 for a cardigan? Yikes.

Talbots Ruffle Plaid Blouse – $69.50

Talbots Ruffle Plaid Blouse

Talbots Windowpane Plaid Skirt – $109

Talbots Windowpane Plaid Skirt

Yup, I am a huge fan of red and black plaid. No idea why. So what do you guys think? Anyone try Talbots?

4 thoughts on “Should I Get These? Hmm…

  1. Well, I actually liked those two J Crew looks when I saw them in the catalog. The first one is relatively simple, but that blazer is nice and classy looking. You can’t go wrong with a good and/or fun blazer.
    Although that second look got some flack on the J Crew Aficionada blog, there is something about it I like. I can definitely see the Sunnie skirt working in your wardrobe.

    I do think Talbots was a bit older lady because my mom loved the store. She still does but they have definitely been in a younger, re-image period. They have some nice items, but I agree that the prices are a bit much. I suppose if the quality is there, it might be worth it, but I haven’t been in the store or ordered to get a first hand look.

  2. Yes, I have, and have photos on my blog. I think you should get at least some of those, the first chance there is a coupon for them.

  3. Come back! You haven’t updated your blog in quite some time. I’ve been browsing around blogs, and as a newcomer here, I must say, I definitely enjoy your blog more than some more high-profile ones (unmerited, in my opinion).

    I love red/black plaid myself. It’s the classic flannel combination, and very holiday appropriate.

  4. Hey guys! Sorry for being so MIA but work has been crazy and J.Crew hasn’t been catching my eye enough to lure me out into the cold to shop. I do have a Lands’ End Canvas order coming in tomorrow though and I will hopefully be back to posting! Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂 I miss you guys!

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