Hmm….Dry Spell.

Nothing I’ve seen lately has piqued my interest, hence the lack of posting. What items have you guys purchased recently that you love? I’m all ears.

5 thoughts on “Hmm….Dry Spell.

  1. I am loving my new Dolce Vita for Target boots. They are comfy, a bit outside of what I normally go for, but they are totally working for me.
    I went to J Crew yesterday and tried on a few things, but nothing was jumping out at me as a must have. I think I need to check out some stores I don’t normally go to when I head for the mall.

  2. I noticed that target is starting to be a cheap copy cat of jcrew. I snagged a few items from the clearance rack and am surprising happy with them for once. This is coming from a girl who detest the quality of target clothes. 😀

  3. Thanks for all the ideas guys! I’ll have to check out Target this weekend, see what goodies I can find 🙂

    Ina – I’ve never tried on the Rimini sweater, sorry!

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