H&M Polka Dot Skirt

I haven’t been to a H&M store in years. I outgrew the whole phase of needing to be trendy so I’ll buy cheap items that last a handful of wears, but recently I’ve seen a lot of bloggers pick up some super cute pieces at dirt cheap prices, so of course I couldn’t resist checking out the 5th Ave store while waiting for a friend today. I wandered around and was not too surprised to see a lot of clothes that felt like super rough and poor quality, that I can just envision totally changing shape within a couple washes. Then I spotted this super cute, simple polka dotted skirt with a smocked waist. It was thin but not see-through thin, and only $9.95! I didn’t even bother trying it on, I bought it and left.

H&M Polka Dot SkirtH&M Polka Dot Skirt

I’m wearing: H&M Basic Henley (similar here), Tory Burch Julianne Wedges

This skirt turned out to be cuter and more perfect than I imagined. The shape is a perfect A-line, which really accentuates and narrows the waist. The smocked waist is SUPER comfortable. The length is absolutely perfect, hitting me slightly at the knee. And the print is adorable! Very peasant-girlish and preppy. Here’s a shot with the shirt tucked in and belted:

H&M Polka Dot SkirtI’m wearing: H&M Basic Henley (similar here), Loft Wide Braided Belt, Tory Burch Julianne Wedges

The henley is only $9.95 from H&M as well and probably similar quality to the “tissue” material henleys J.Crew pumps out. Cheap outfit but cute, right? I love that the skirt is so flattering but so comfortable. I’m guessing it won’t work with tights for Fall/Winter because the material will cling onto tights, but while the weather isn’t too cold yet, I can wear them with my new Nine West Destry boots! Throw on my J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer and I will be comfy but cute. Love, love, love!

Anyone else discover great steals at H&M these days? Do share!

8 thoughts on “H&M Polka Dot Skirt

  1. I love cheap but cute outfits! I’m sure the boots and the blazer will make the outfit even more fabulous. I went to H&M over the weekend but came out with nothing. I can’t seem to find much at places like H&M or F21, but I always see bloggers with really cute and inexpensive finds from those places. Lately all of my bargain finds have been coming unexpectedly from Old Navy!

  2. I keep seeing this polka-dot skirt from H&M. It’s killing me because it is too cute. I love the henley, but can totally imagine it paired with your boots and a blazer. You sure can’t beat that $10 price tag.

    I used to love H&M but find myself not going very often now. I feel like they do tons of basic items and I’m looking for things with more pizazz.

  3. Applesandpencils – ooo, do tell what great finds you’ve discovered at Old Navy! I tend to stick to Crew and BR but love it when i find goodies elsewhere, esp when they’re not as expensive!!

  4. fshnonmymind – completely agree with what you said. i used to love h&m for all the “pizazzy” trendy items but with the quality being so poor, I started turning to them only for basics…which I then found better quality for those at places like Gap and Lands’ End Canvas, so I stopped going. Finding this cute skirt was a surprise but since all the other 100 million things there were just “eh” I will probably not be visiting again any time soon.

  5. Rose – Thanks! Those are definitely one of my favorite shoes ever. Very rare to have shoes this flattering be comfortable!

  6. Michelle – Thanks! I bought it in a Medium. Not sure how Small would have fit; I sort of assumed I’d be safe with a Medium.

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