J.Crew Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan

I’ve been going through a no-plain-cardigan phase for a while now, because I have way too many basic cardigans from J.Crew (like 5 in black alone). But recently I realized I have all these cardigans in maybe 4 colors combined, with black being really the only neutral color. So I started a hunt for a tan colored cardigan and voila, the Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan from J.Crew (of course) is the result (tan not shown obviously).

J.Crew Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan

I wasn’t going for ruffles, but I don’t mind them, especially on a more serious color like tan, or officially “heather camel.”

J.Crew Merino Cielo Ruffle CardiganJ.Crew Merino Cielo Ruffle Cardigan

I’m wearing: J.Crew Brushstroke Mini, J.Crew Glass Pools Bracelet, Nine West Getby Wedges

I got a Medium, and it fit a bit more tightly than the other cardigans I have in Medium. The merino wool is my favorite in sweaters, as it’s super comfortable, very breathable, not scratchy (unlike the Dream series), and drapes beautifully. This cardigan is no exception. It’s a slightly darker tan than I had hoped, but still a great neutral nonetheless.

Get it here from J.Crew on sale for $59.50.

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