J.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami

I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews of the Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami in the blogosphere, hence why I bought it though I never really paid much attention to it first. I thought it would be too “tissue-y” and therefore cling and show every tiny bump and roll on the body, rather than drape nicely throughout.

J.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami

I got a Small, my usual knit tee size, and it fits fine. It does cling but it’s very soft and comfortable. I may not feel totally comfortable wearing it untucked because it will easily show whether my lunch was light or not (mostly not). But tucked into pencil and mini skirts, it’s adorable and do-able!

J.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue CamiJ.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami

I’m wearing: J.Crew Brushstroke Mini, Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

I love that it gives the dressy, ruffly feel of the Frances/Victoria/Palmera silk ruffle camis (click here to see what I mean), but is 10 times softer, more comfortable, and much more wearable. I found myself wanting to wear it with every skirt I own, hence why you see it here with the Brushstroke Mini and then in the post below with the Ink Blossom Pencil Skirt! Not only does it match almost everything but the dressiness of it matches perfectly with the dressiness pencil/mini skirts already give off. Here’s a close up of the ruffles.

J.Crew Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami

I really wish I had also picked up the Prism necklace from J.Crew. Wouldn’t it look perfect with this top and this outfit?? Anyway, I highly recommend this top, especially at the low $29.99 price. It’s hard to find something that will make you look so put together but is so comfortable and soft.

Get it here from J.Crew for $29.99! A ton of colors are still available!