J.Crew Kelsey Ruffle Top

I thought I would love the Kelsey Ruffle Top as much as I love the Palmera Ruffle Cami but I don’t.

J.Crew Printed Kelsey Ruffle Top

The ruffles just don’t look ruffle-y and kind of sit there covering up my chest, rather than ruffle around the very flattering v-shape neckline of the Palmera. The button down style of this cami also gives off this weird peasantish vibe to me, which was not the dressy feel I was going over.

J.Crew Kelsey Ruffle TopJ.Crew Kelsey Ruffle Top

I’m wearing: Gap New Pencil Skirt, Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

For some reason, I think it only works somewhat when it’s tucked into something. Otherwise when I wear it I almost feel like one of those old grannies sitting in her bloomers on a stool on the street, chomping away at watermelons. Hmm, perhaps a faded memory of my childhood there. I sized up in the printed version simply because they didn’t have it in my usual size, but turns out the Navy version I did get in my usual size was way too small for the girls…and I looked totally ridiculous.

J.Crew Kelsey Ruffle Top

Do you see the weird gaping hole on my chest? Yes, it’s because the buttons barely closed over the girls, then because the top part would have no chance in hell of closing, it decided to flare out…then meet up again at the top. Don’t ask – I have no idea what’s going on with this. Not keepers.

If you would like to try the Kelsey Ruffle Top, get the printed version here or the solid color version here from J.Crew, both $49.99 (Final Sale now!).

2 thoughts on “J.Crew Kelsey Ruffle Top

  1. I tried this on in store and the buttons gapped at the chest – not an attractive look! So I agree with you, this one is NOT a winner. I haven’t tried the Palmera tho so will have to look out for that one.

  2. Hi. I just have a question regarding the sizing of this blouse. I usually wear a size 4. I found this top in Cinnamon spice in a size 6 on ebay and bought it. Would I most likely have to tailor this to fit me better or would the size 6 actually be a better fit? I see in your posting that the regular size you wear had the tendency to gape on the bust area. Thanks in advance.

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