J.Crew Brushstroke Mini

The new Brushstroke Mini from J.Crew is now one of my favorites from the new collection for summer. I bought it not having read too much on it in the blogosphere mainly because (I assume) this skirt is catalog/web only, and not many people are willing to take the risk in purchasing blind.

J.Crew Brushstroke Mini

Well, I did! And am I glad I did. I sized up for a bit of length, since this skirt is said to be only 16″. The material looks just like a painter’s canvas, sort of a light basketweave. Matches up perfectly with the huge brushstrokes. It feels light and very comfortable, but most importantly, I think it looks so chic even paired with a simple tee.

J.Crew Brushstroke MiniJ.Crew Brushstroke Mini

I’m wearing: J.Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee, Matt Bernson Bo Peep Espadrilles

I don’t think it’s too short – do you? At $79.50, this skirt is pretty pricey, but I don’t want to wait until middle or end of summer for it to go on sale because this is the perfect summer skirt! So…I say everyone go get this skirt here at J.Crew!

2 thoughts on “J.Crew Brushstroke Mini

  1. My Matt Bernson Bo Peep espadrilles came a few days ago and I am in love! They are super comfortable and the height makes me look much leggier than I actually am 🙂 Thanks for the great recommendation! I’m already thinking of getting a second pair.

  2. Oh yay! I literally wear mine every other day with every single outfit. They just match everything and are so comfy! I am thinking of getting another pair too for when I wear these to death!

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