J.Crew Embroidered Zafrina Skirt

I was pretty excited about the new Embroidered Zafrina Skirt from J.Crew. It has the smocked elastic waist that seems to be ubiquitous lately, which I usually love because it’s comfortable and gives me the choice of wearing skirts at the waist or at the hips. The color Bronzed Clay is so soft and feminine, and the embroidery detailing adds intricacies and elegance to an otherwise casual knit skirt.

J.Crew Embroidered Zafrina Skirt

However, the requirement for smocked waists is that the skirt itself must have some structure and hold some shape, preferably A-line, so that it doesn’t look like I just draped a piece of fabric over my body. I don’t want to wear a wrinkly, shapeless tube.

J.Crew Embroidered Zafrina SkirtJ.Crew Embroidered Zafrina Skirt

I’m wearing: J.Crew Sequin Stripe Henley, Banana Republic Dahlia Wedges

…and that’s exactly what this Zafrina skirt is. A rare miss for J.Crew, this skirt is wrinkly, completely shapeless, and poofy. I’ve rarely felt this unattractive and matronly in J.Crew clothing. When I look down at the skirt, it looks pretty, the fabric feels soft, and the embroidery detailing is really beautiful and well done. But then I look in the mirror and I feel like shuddering. I had to take photos for you all, but I honestly disliked it so much I didn’t even know what to pair with it…and really could not wait to take it off afterwards. So sad. I do not recommend. At all. Their pictures online show this skirt as an A-line skirt, but if that was their goal, they should have used a stiffer material to hold the shape better – maybe poplin?

But if you want to give it a shot, get it here from J.Crew for $74.50 (with 20% off promo through tomorrow!).

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  1. Just found your blog and I love it! Thank you for all the great pictures and detailed reviews. Will be back to check in regularly! 🙂

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