J.Crew Black Blossoms Cardigan

I didn’t really notice the Black Blossoms Cardigan from J.Crew until recently when I saw it on someone else on another blog. With all the cardigans I own from J.Crew, I actually don’t have a single printed one. So, why not start with one that has a great print and neutral colors? I imagined myself pairing this with absolutely everything and every color, and it adding that extra needed touch of elegance. Well, my first impression when I put it on was not that of black blossoms…instead, I looked like a spotted cow. I’m sorry, no other words to describe it. That’s how I felt. I really wanted to love it, but I just felt all wrong in it. I got my usual size, the material is soft merino, fits well (not sloppy or boxy at all), and the print does look pretty. Just not on me.

J.Crew Black Blossoms CardiganJ.Crew Black Blossoms Cardigan

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There must be a few other ladies out there who feel the same as I do, as this Black Blossoms cardigan is already on sale for $59.99. Get it here from J.Crew.

J.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt

I had my eye on J.Crew’s Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt for a while, but wasn’t sure I was girly enough for such a feminine print, especially in a body-hugging pencil skirt. I think my instinct was right on. I just don’t think I’m girly enough for a print pretty enough to be named Sunshine Peony, but I can see how stunning it would be on the right person.

J.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil SkirtJ.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt

I also learned something else – pencil skirts are not exactly for me. I don’t have a huge waist-to-hip ratio so when I wear a tucked-in outfit, I look like I have no waist. Also, I know a lot of women are okay with the “pouch” thing happening with your stomach/lower belly in pencil skirts when you look at it from the side or if you move at all, but I’m not a huge fan of that.

J.Crew Pencil Skirt

If it’s happening for this gorgeous, thin woman in the J.Crew catalog (though yes, technically she is a “real” woman), it’s going to happen to me. It probably happens even when you have zero fat there – perhaps just a consequence of your ab/hip area being a separate area from where your legs start. Anyway, I’m not a fan of that going on down there – either from the side or when I move at all. Maybe if I sized up? I don’t know. Maybe if the Sunshine Peony print worked for me, I’d bother doing the exchange and seeing, but I just don’t think this is a winner for me. Oh, and the fact that pencil skirts make it all too obvious I have no butt makes it even more clear to me that I should just stay away.

J.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil SkirtJ.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt

My usual size zips up fine but definitely felt tight. I probably would’ve been more comfortable with a size up. Get your Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt from J.Crew here for $98.

EDIT (4.27.10): So…I bought this skirt again since it went on super sale at J.Crew. This time I bought a size up and though some of the same problems are still there (shows the “bump” in the front, I still have no butt, etc.), the larger size really made a difference. I think.

J.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil SkirtJ.Crew Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Dawn Skirt

I haven’t bought anything from Abercrombie since college, but I caught sight of the Dawn skirt while lurking one day. How frickin’ adorable is this?! Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so, since even at $50 (steep considering everything A&F eventually goes on sale at steep discounts), Dawn was selling out rapidly. I don’t know of any blogs that review A&F clothes, so I thought I’d throw this into the mix here in hopes it’ll help someone pull the trigger. It keeps selling out and coming back on backorder then selling out again. If you love this Dawn skirt, I’d check back frequently. I purchased the Medium. Figured it was the safe place to be, for both fit and length.

Abercrombie and Fitch Dawn Ruffle Skirt

Well, this skirt is short. Abercrombie doesn’t give any measurements so I really had no idea just how short it was. This is definitely a skirt for a girl who wants to show off her legs, or at least, loves her legs. That’s not me…at least not yet (still workin’ on those damn lunges). Still, I. HEART. IT. Perhaps one of my favorite items ever, if not THE favorite.

Abercrombie and Fitch Dawn Ruffle SkirtAbercrombie and Fitch Dawn Ruffle Skirt

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It takes a traditionally masculine color scheme and uses it in an uber feminine, ruffle mini skirt. It screams summer and fun to me. The elastic waist is also very soft and comfortable, so throw on a tank and flip flops and you’re cute and comfy for the day. Slightly chilly on those late summer nights? Throw on an oversized cardigan and you will still look adorable, maybe even more so! Love, love this skirt. Keep checking here to see if it pops back in stock (for $50)! Edit: This cute skirt is back in stock in S, M, and L on Abercrombie! Get it here!

Abercrombie and Fitch Dawn Ruffle SkirtAbercrombie and Fitch Dawn Ruffle Skirt

I’m wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch Chloe Tank, J.Crew Cardigan (Similar here), Steve Madden Intyce Boots