Banana Republic 40% Off Picks

Ok yes, I know, Banana Republic constantly has 40% off sales, but for some reason, recently I find many of their pieces to be quite cute, so let’s pull them all together. Some may not be included in the 40% off sale, so always double check pricing in checkout! Let me know if you agree with my picks and if there’s anything cute I missed!

Banana Republic Monogram Silver Sequin Mini

Banana Republic Monogram Silver Sequin Mini Skirt

Um, how can anyone not love this? This entire outfit is sheer perfection. Casual, drapey sweater (Banana Republic Draped V-Neck Pullover), matched with this dressy-without-trying & blindly shiny skirt, and topped off with gorgeous, classic maroon pointy-toe pumps (try the Banana Republic Kelsey Pump). Get this silver sequin mini skirt here for $98.

Banana Republic Monogram Gold Sequin Mini Skirt

BR Monogram Gold Sequin Mini Skirt

I don’t know what’s up with Banana Republic and their slew of sequin mini skirts lately…it’s not the holiday season nor is it New Year’s. However, I’m definitely not complaining. I can’t get enough. I want my hands on almost every sequin mini they have. Dress ’em down with tees, dress ’em up with button-downs, they’re the perfect day-to-evening skirt. This gold sequin mini skirt is on sale here for $49.99. Don’t forget it’s another 40% off of that today!

Banana Republic Monogram Silver Sequin Mini Skirt

BR Monogram Silver Sequin Mini Skirt

Yup, another sequin mini skirt. I like how complicated this one looks — very detailed, very expensive. Probably a good pick for Fall / Winter more than summer, but I don’t care, it’s on sale, it’s pretty, so I’m getting it! Get it here for $49.99 (& another 40% off on top of that!).

Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Chambray Shirt

Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Chambray Shirt

For some reason, I’ve never looked quite right in chambray shirts. I always feel like I look like a farmer or like a laborer…as weird as that sounds. But seeing this outfit, and seeing this chambray shirt paired with such a fun pop of orange and that striped bag, I realized maybe I’ve just been putting chambray shirts in the wrong outfits. This shirt/outfit is so casual, fun, yet polished.  Get your chambray shirt here for $59.50.

Banana Republic Chevron Stripe Tank

Banana Republic Chevron Stripe Tank

I’ve been obsessed with this top since the first time I laid eyes on it. Why? I can’t really pinpoint. But I love it. It’s so perfect for summer, especially paired with a white bottom. I’m not alone in loving this shirt, since it keeps selling out. Every day a couple of sizes pop back up and it’s a mad scramble to check out. Oh and the price is uber reasonable, especially with the 40% off, at only $39.50. Check for your size here.

Ok, that’s it for my picks for now — what are yours?

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